Early January 2023 Jam / Improvisation

We met early in January to do another jam. No drummer this time, unfortunately, but it was still fun. I was excited to test the new speaker - QSC CP8 - I’m happy with it. It was loud even at half the volume.

This time we played fewer covers and improvised more. We’re considering exploring some ideas from this recording and trying to create a song. Do you think there is potential in this? We could be biased, would be nice to hear someone else’s opinion. :slight_smile:

I’m interested to hear any tips to help us improve too. Positive feedback is welcome too. :smiley:

And a happy new year everyone! :slight_smile: :partying_face:

p.s.: I play the blue guitar on the left.


Wow Kamil ‘Gilmore’ take the stage!

Love it :heart_eyes:

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Sounds good Kamil. Certainly worth continuing to work this and producing a song from the jam. And maybe it is already a song. It’s a suitable trippy instrumental piece, reminiscent of band’s like Pink Floyd. And I liked the segue into something a little more straight-forward which could be a cover song if you had one to perform.

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Sounds great. Nice chill spacey vibe. Solid time and playing the changes, you look to all be following each other and feeding off that - good stuff.

You could have unplugged yourself a couple of times walking, stepping on your patch cord. Loop your cord through your strap at the low end of the body for a strain relief / holder. Just a matter of time otherwise.

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Screamin Kamil!
Nice tones in there for sure. As far as an original song goes, you just need a bit of structure I think. There is plenty here to set forth on that project!

All the best,

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That was awesome. Very floydish I love it. :+1:

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Thanks all. :slight_smile: I’m starting to wonder if we happened to play something from Pink Floyd without realizing it. :smiley:

I’m glad you like it. It sounds like we have to try and make something out of it. I’ve never created a complete song, so that will be a new experience.

@bblak , thanks for the tip. I will do that next time. :+1:

@LBro, I’m glad you liked the tone. One of my 2022 goals was to learn about tone shaping. Here’s a short video from the same jam session, testing the tone.

Kamil that was great guys although I am sure you meant 2023 jam :grinning: really PF influence could have been heard here which is a great thing, hey I wish I could sound a bit more like PF myself :grinning: all the best

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Absolutely awesome Kamil! Keep doing that - you clearly have a lot of musical creativity and the ability to transfer it to the fretboard. It reminded me of


Thank you! :slight_smile: :smiling_face:

@adi_mrok Yes, I’ve fixed it now, thanks. :smiley:

@twistor59 Wow, now this is a jam. :guitar: Makes me wonder how our jam would sound if we used some delay effects.

That was very tasty Kamil. A really nice Floyd vibe to it.

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