Early tech-heads

The first ever photograph of a human was taken in 1838.
24 years later my great grandfather posed for his :smiley:




And the rest is history. :sunglasses:

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How do you remember this trivia?!? :open_mouth:
I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning!
It just popped up as an old fb memory and I thought: well I’m not going to share that again over there :rofl:
I’ll leave it up for a wee while, as an act of solidarity with mon vieux fou ami, before quietly popping it in the community recycle bin :wink:

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I am and am often called a bag of useless facts… :roll_eyes:
If I remembered even 1% of what I learn about nature I would be a biologist :cry:… but what you typed in the first couple post at me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…or entire conversations next to the campfire the first year with my wife in 1997 are in my head or 1000 + of other conversations… :tired_face: …Only since I started playing guitar has more and more room been made for the many songs in my head and I remember quite little about the rest and the older things also fade into the background… but a story like that with that photo stands out as it was etched on my retina (just like your holiday photos or on the boat or that you look away in the last photo just like your father and many others who posted pictures etc etc … :upside_down_face:

Like I said a bag of useless facts…

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I’m still trying to figure out what’s more impressive:

Brian’s great grandfather posing there in one of the very few early photographs


Rogier’s incredible memory that this was already shared.

Both is pretty cool - I think you’re even. :smiley:


This. I can relate. Big-time. The musical instruments are starting to make either more sense or more synapses between neurons. or both.

Do you ever get memory freeze while playing sets?

Hi Alejandro…
I don’t play sets. :smile:…I’m always happy when I get to the end of a song without too many mistakes…I’ve only been playing/practicing for 4 years and I never actually just play along with only chords to a song (well sometime for build more muscle strength… but normal always with additions (lick`n riffs) etc or fingerstyle…
Like to play sets too :roll_eyes:

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Tbf once photography started, it quickly became popular, esp. amongst the middle classes. It’s probably more impressive that the image was preserved :wink:

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