Easy Barre Chords for Beginners

Barre chords don’t have to be scary! Here’s an introduction for beginners. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this one :exclamation:I’m strugling with this F barre chord these days and was begining to think my journey was a disaster (:upside_down_face:). This lesson reminds me I’m simply not there yet. Three magic words : Patience, patience and patience… Thanks again :pray: :sunglasses:


I get the barre part no problem. My problem is with landing the ring and small fingers at the same time in their proper places. My middle finder and small finder need to be anchored before I can land my ring finger at its place. This is frustrating if you’re trying to land a barre chord quickly! Anybody else out there with the same problem?


Yes, this was my main problem except my third and fourth had to be placed before 1 and 2. What I did was practice the barre chord specifically placing 1 first for like 2 weeks. Then the same but placing 2nd first. Now I still favor 3 and 4 first but much faster in general than before.

With me, it’s my middle (2) finger that wants to go down first, then the others follow. (Justin says it’s best to get index (1) down first).

Like @alexisduprey , I’m having some success by practicing leading with different fingers…giving my slowest finger the most attention.

The only solution here is practice, practice, and practice some more.

Yes you want to be leading with the barre.

Practice daily and it will eventually become natural.

I had a similar experience and I eventually got much better as I improved strength and flexibility in my pinky and ring finger.

To improve strength, play with the Stuck 3/4 chords as much as you can. At first I could only do this for one song at a time, but eventually I was able to play songs just using these chords for an hour or more.

To improve flexibility, power chords were a huge help. At first I could only do two note power chords for just a few minutes at a time. As my strength improved I could do them for a longer period of time and then eventually added the third note.

I have found that stuck 3/4 chords and power chords each build the strength, flexibility and dexterity needed for barre chords.

Rotating between stuck 3/4, power chords, and barre chords and focusing on each of them at different times has really helped them all get better and helped to avoid frustration with any one of them. I hope this helps.


My answer - just do it.
Although, I have a suggestion.
Try landing the 2-3-4 fingers, without the 1 finger.
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Thanks guys ver useful suggestions, rock on!

I have to disagree with Justin (for once) with regard to having the F Chord nailed down before you engage with this lesson. I have small hands and find it far easier to play Barre Chords further up the neck.

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Has Justin stopped producing lessons for the beginner Grades (1-3)? Some of the modules still seem incomplete. I only ask because there also doesn’t appear to be any new lessons on the more advanced grades either (4+)? Will there be new lessons soon?

Hi Jamie, I’m under the impression that the new Beginner Grades 1-3 lessons are complete. Can you give examples of the modules that seem incomplete, and what seems to be missing?

I can’t comment on the more advanced modules, as I’m consolidating Grade 2 and haven’t been closely following the progress beyond there. That said, looking at Grade 6, it appears the lessons are all there.

I highly recommend Do You Want To Know A Secret? for exercise for the E-shape minor shape, as well as for the 5th string minor shape.

There’s also a classic F barre chord in their as a bonus.