Easy link to the main Justin site from forum?

I love the integration between the main Justin Guitar sight and the Forum. Not sure if it is just me and my browser (safari). I believe it would be helpful if to have easy access link to get out of the forum back into the main JustingGuitar page. Perhaps in the Hamburger, or perhaps the “JustinGuitar” graphic took you to the main home page, and the “community” took you to the community home page.

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Are you logging in through the website or direct link to the community?
On my pc i log in thought the website and it opens the community in a new window.
To go back to the Website I just click the tab or close the community.

On my tablet there’s a shortcut on the desk top that goes directly to the community with
no way of going to the web site. I agree with you there should be a direct link to the website.

I’ll alert @Richard_close2u Richard

Thanks @stitch and I will alert tech maestro @LievenDV in turn! :slight_smile:

hi @SgtAuto
good call, it was on my wishlisht already.

What we need to figure out:
Currently, when a new lesson webpage is created, a Community thread is created automatically.
We nood to check whether it is possible to include the link to the webpage in the post that is being created. (or even better, with a nicely visible button).

Even so, it would be hand for people coming into the thread about the lesson and want to see the page on the website it is attached to.

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@stitch Yes it does open a new tab. Which I can close. But my tabs and all my open apps are usually a hot mess :slight_smile: . I Am usually on through a desktop. But some times mobile/tablet. It’s not a biggie just a observed preference/improvement for feedback.
@lievendv that would be even better to go to the lesson page. From a marketing perspective probably good to get people to the product (lesson, etc) page(s) too.

@SgtAuto in every lesson topic there is a link to that lesson in
the administrators (first post) post.

Ah that means Ben already implemented it. :smiley: it’s a rather new feature ^^. It is not available for older lessons though

In deed they are. DOE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: kind of feel silly. I think what I do/ what happens is I get distracted in the forum. :slight_smile: . When I jump out of a lesson into the form I read that lesson forum page, then I meander meander into other topics. When I finally get on task and head back to the lesson, that’s where there is not a consistent way to get to the main Site. No biggie. I just have to close the window & or navigate back to where I was. Thanks!

Hi @LievenDC I stumbled across a way to get back to the website trying to find something else. Update Profile from the menu bars took me to my dashboard on the website. I always do it that way now.