Eb+ Chord


I am very confused.
Does somebody know what chord that is?? I have never seen that :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks for the help!

extra flat :rofl:

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It’s E♭ Augmented.

The + for augmented chords is a common notation, especially in jazz.



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As others have said … Augmented.

It is a triad with a #5.

Eb = 1, 3, 5 = Eb, G, Bb
Eb + = Eb, G, B

Do you read any standard music notation? If yes, do you see how the melody line through that bar is mainly on the note G before walking up to B when the G major chord comes along? Playing Em then Eb+ then G/D gives a chromatic movement in the bass (E → Eb → D) and provides chords that have chord tones of G then B, in harmony with the melody.

I wrote a brief post to illustrate two augmented triads here: Triad Chord Theory - #28 by Richard_close2u


Here’s an article for those interested in further details of chord notation: