Education is important but……


Hi Michael,
Your quote now a t-shirt from Justin :rofl:…but better good stolen than badly made up,…do i say often :sunglasses:… and I’m goingt to buyi that shirt soont… :blush:



Roger @roger_holland
Done a bit of reaseach and I see what you mean. My involvement with Justin only goes back to the beginning of the year, so not aware of it.
What I would say good jokes are always worth retelling for those who might not have heard them. :grinning::grinning:
Cheers Michael


This is the one Justin t-shirt I want. Cracks me up. :slight_smile:

@MAT1953 you will find a few jokes on the old website Musician Jokes | free guitar lesson from

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100% true of course…actually i said that too :joy:
So thank you for the repeated smile and bring out more :sunglasses: :smile:
Greetings Me

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James @Socio

Really not given the the old community web site a look at, perhaps I should I am sure there will be some gems.
Michael :+1:

Justin even has a recipe there for his favourite biscuits

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“We don’t need no Education…we don’t need no thought control…no dark sarcasm in the classroom…” :love_you_gesture::guitar::love_you_gesture::guitar::love_you_gesture::guitar: