EladEflow checking in

What I thought was late into the pandemic I picked up the guitar and any research I did pointed to Justinguitar, well here I am 16 months since buying my first guitar and I’m starting to feel like I’ve made some decent progress.

It is so nice going back to things that seemed impossible and picking them up in no time.

A bit about me, I enjoy mountain biking, consuming guitar-related content on Youtube, and woodworking. Trying to make music out of something made of wood has been a great cross-pollination of two hobbies. My Harmony H1260 guitar is actually from 1968, and was the same model Jimmy Page used to record Stairway. I was able to leverage my woodworking experience to reset the neck to unlock the rest of the fretboard on this instrument. I hope to record a little medley of the Zeppelin tunes I’ve learned so far, they are by far the largest driving force in pushing me towards guitar.

I look forward to this great community, though I will grieve for the old forum and that aesthetic, most of my time online is spent on reddit/Youtube, and the old Justinguitar forum definitely reminded me of a bygone era of internet forums.


Good to see you over here, Dale.

You’ve made excellent progress on the guitar, and yours does sound wonderful in the recordings shared.

Now how’s about starting a Road Case to share your progress, plus some pics of that guitar.

Glad you’ve joined us Dale. There’s plenty of good stuff here in this new platform that will help salve your grief as you say goodbye to the old.

Hello Dale, welcome - glad you made it across. :grinning:

Hi Dale nice to meet you and hope you stick around! :blush:

Dale welcome to the new world, the old place was familiar and comfortable but hey who stays in the same old house forever or even the same old country ? Good to see you joined us !