Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town - Pearl Jam cover by JK

I’m just over my six-month guitarversary (if that’s not a word it now is) so I figured it’s about time I post a few more videos.

Most of my learning is focused on picking but I’ve found it’s really hard to pick songs and sing at the same time, particularly for me as I’m not a natural singer. I find it really hard. Much harder than guitar tbh.

But here’s a strummy one, one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands - Pearl Jam. Hope you enjoy. Feedback welcomed, including constructive criticism.


Hey JK, you should be well proud of yourself for six months in-
That’s great!
You’ve got solid rhythm (well you should as an ex-drummer!), and your chord changes are clean. Some nice dynamics. I wouldn’t worry at all about the singing. Your phrasing is fine. Both here and in Hurt you drift away from the melody line, but the good news is that it’s often a harmony of the original. The more you do it, the more natural it will become, but I’d always prefer to a song being sung as well as played.
Congrats again

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Are you really only 6 months into guitar? You’re doing great! I really have no credibility giving vocals advice but I think you may want to just practice holding single notes solid for a while, then move onto short passages. You have a nice voice. Just hold the notes solid.

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Cracking job JK!!!

Did not realize you were only 6 months in… this is really impressive :fire:

Love this song and you did a fine job JK. Keep those PJ songs comin please!

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Thanks Brian, yeah I’m pretty happy with my guitar progress, comes from obsession.

I figured I should continue singing even though I can’t stick to a melody, makes the videos more interesting. I started an online course to try to improve it so we’ll see how that goes :joy:.

Still working my way up to doing performances as well as you do, although I’m pretty far off getting dressed up and dancing!

Thanks Dan. I’m working (slowly) on the vocals, if I ever can sing even close to what you do, I’d be ecstatic.

If it sounded like a decent representation of a PJ song to another PJ fan, well that makes me happy!

Gotta say your Immortality post inspired me to post this one… it’s been in my repertoire for a while.

I’m working on a couple more PJ songs, so hopefully there will more on the forum! None are close to recording ready yet though.

Immortality is a song you could try going for as well. It is quite easy song with just a few and easy chords. And it even has a littlebit of easy fingerstyle in it as well.

And yeah! Your take on the elderly woman was great. Keep it up JK… looking forward to Black :wink:

Edit: Ahh… it was in your reportoaire…:rofl:

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Oops, no I meant Elderly Woman I’ve been playing for a while now, haven’t tried Immortality yet!

Hahahaha… did not misunderstood you afterall then :rofl:

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6 months in on your guitar journey, you’re doing great mate. Look forward to hearing more from you. Keep on doing what your doing, it’s working a treat.

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The obsessive practice has paid off, JK … I’d be quite happy with that in my 6th year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Keep doing what you are doing, ever onward.

Thanks James, keen to hear some of your recent work as well!

You’re way too kind David, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it.

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Six months playing. Wow! Your obsession is paying off big style. Well done.
I’ve never listened to Pearl Jam, must look them up.

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For six months playing that was awesome.

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Thanks @sairfingers, @skinnyt. Glad you liked it. Pearl Jam have so many good tracks, IMHO one of the greatest bands of all time. Worth checking out.

Really great one JK and from one of my fav bands! Even better :smile: strumming songs are proven to be peanuts for you, you did mention having struggles with fingerstyle and singalong, my suggestion would be to pick an easy song that fingerstyle reminds of picking. I believe my first one was Hey there Delilah, that is quite easy and will give you some solid foundations to work upon :wink:

Obsession is serving you well, just make sure your partner doesn’t kick you out one day if you obsess too much :joy: all the best!

JK give yourself a big pat on the back. Great progress all round as you find your groove and means of expressing it.

@batwoman Thanks for the listen Maggie, really appreciate it!

@adi_mrok I know you’re another big PJ fan, thanks for checking it out. I think my next song will be either a picking or fingerpicking one, I don’t think I can sing at the same time though. One of the reasons I was able to record this weekend is because my wife is away :rofl:, so I don’t drive her too crazy.