Eleanor Rigby - App Vs Video Lesson

It feels to me like theres a few differences between the app play-along version and the video lesson that are throwing me off.

Are the differences deliberate?

I watch the video lesson and think i understand, then go over to the play-along app and feel like the structure is different.

e.g the 8 bars of Em with the chorus doesnt appear in the app.
A random D chord appears
And there’s a couple of places where single bars of C appear without the 2nd bar of C that fits the Bridge pattern, or the half bar of C of the verse pattern.

Anyone else struggled to reconcile the two? I feel like i cant leave module 5 until Ive got this one a bit better, and the 8 bars thing and the D chord is throwing me way off.

[p.s just want to be clear, this isnt a complaint - I really dig the app, and justins lessons. The app especially has me really mindfully practicing and learning, whereas in a previous life I’d just learn snatches of songs, the odd riff etc.]

David, I have noticed differences between the app and Justin’s video lessons on a few songs. You can pick which sounds better to you, or come up with your own voicing and just use the app to help stay in time.

Thanks Robert.

I spent quite a while listening to the app version and the real version yesterday, and comparing to the video lesson too.
I came to the conclusion that the app puts the extra bars of C in the chorus to break it up a little and make it more interesting for us beginners that arent ready for the descending run on the 3rd string instead of just 8 straight bars of e minor.

I htink the D chord is just a straight mistake though.