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When doing the strumming pattern (DDUUD), how is the transition from C to Em strummed when only doing two counts between the chords?

This explanation is much better than the app. And there are differences. Here Justin starts the Intro with C and in the app the same song begins with an Em. The app only tells you to strum on the beats every bar the whole song. At 137 bpm very hard to do at this stage…especially when you have to look at the display to see when a chord change comes. Also the playing tips are missing in the app. When I try to play this song following the app it sounds horrible. :exploding_head: But with the video I learnt to play the first 40 seconds like Justin and this sounds very much better. :smiley:

After 3 months I think the best way (for me) is to use the app for practice sessions and the videos and hardcopy songbooks for learning how to play songs.

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Learning to play the E minor 7, 6 and sharp 5 is a really fun exercise. Glad I grabbed this song as one to practice. The strumming patterns in the earlier lessons are also really interesting to apply here.

I was surprised at how lively the original sounds, I was hoping it was more in line with how Justin played it (sounds a bit darker).