Electric Greensleeves, acoustic version added

Thanks Adrian, yep I find rolling chords pretty tricky, particularly fingerstyle. If I’m not careful I end up plucking when placing my hands. Usually takes a bit of warming up before I play them OK.

You’ll run into them in Grade 3 Sandro… well your playing is beyond Grade 3 IMHO but I gathered you’re working your way through Grade 2 right now. It would suit your fingerstyle well, you might already be doing them even! It’s where instead of plucking all strings of a chord at the same time you roll through them quickly.

But isn’t reverb the best effect? :smiling_imp:. I guess it could have the effect of a motion sickness simulator! No point scoring with Rogier and reverb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. A bit of a shame that reverb and you don’t agree!

Thanks for the listen James… and yes I reckon if someone’s going to sing it, it would have to be our resident Gallagher/Blunt/male-Morrisette virtuoso, @SgtColon himself!

Had a listen to that. Wow. The ice cream vans played it in NZ. Aside from that and TV/video games, hadn’t encountered it in the wild. But it is an awesome sounding tune, no wonder it’s endured for hundreds of years.


Just don’t lose your head over it. :joy:


I enjoyed both versions. Must have took a lot of patience learning that. Supposedly “just” grade 3 but sure is difficult


Thanks Lewis. Yeah did take a bit of patience, probably the most complicated arrangement I’ve memorised. I learned it a couple of bars at a time.


Nice work there JK, impressive and the chorus added nicely to it. Your recent posts are definitely whetting my appetite for grade 3, albeit I’m a while away from kicking off there, still got grade 2 consolidation to get to!

“I figure if Justin says do it, then do it. It’s usually beneficial in the long run.” :rofl: :+1:

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I guess it’s horses for courses, as I can’t stand the tune.

Though if you have to listen to a version, this one isn’t too bad.

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Finally caught up with this and fully understand what you are saying about Grade 3. After completing the old BC, IMs MTMS and RUST 1 an 2, it felt a backward step revisiting what is effectively and bridge between all those course but man there is some good stuff there. I just need the discipline to work my way through it amongst the other stuff I am learning.

This encourages me to get my act together, as I thought it was well played and like the twist you put on it but maybe there’s a tad too much chorus effect for my liking but that’s me. Good to see you making progress, as this sort of skill will help in many areas in the future.

Hats off sire.


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Very nice! I play my acoustic much more than electric, but I really liked the electric version.

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Hi JK,
I think I liked the electric version best, but it is hard to decide. Good tone and recording on both to my ears. Nice work and keep up the good vibe in learning as you go!

All the best,

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Glad you enjoyed it Mark, and being only a couple of modules in to Grade 3 I’d say… don’t rush to Grade 3, I’ve found a fair bit of it challenging so far. The “do whatever Justin says” is something I decided a while ago, hasn’t gone wrong so far!

Well it was only 3 kinds of reverb & delay all stacked on top of each other… :rofl: Yes, definitely too much for most things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Was the point for this one. TBH I think some of the new grade 3 stuff is harder than some of what I’ve look at in the intermediate stuff (only glimpsed though). I swear barre chords are easier.

Thank you Mark, glad you enjoyed. The electric reverb overload seems to be either a love/hate thing!

Thanks LBro, I’ve been slowly trying different tweaks in the tone & recording, still loads more to experiment with.

Hi JK, I came back to this after I smashed headlong into Greensleeves in a lesson last night. It is pretty challenging when you get to it, Kudos to you for these recordings. I liked the electric version although tend to agree it had a little too much effect, it did mask some of the complexity. With the acoustic you are out there with nothing to hide behind. Great job and I will persevere for a while even if my first instinct is this is too hard. Focus on individual strings is something I need to get much better at.

As for words, I think this is one of those songs with lots of words written to it. I am a little mentally scarred after being on a coach to a heavy rock concert (can’t remember who) for about 3 hours each way, with a person clearly under the influence singing some version of the chorus for the whole way… it was a long long time ago but still a vivid memory.

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Great you’re getting into Greensleeves. I still play it, although maybe just every week or two not every day anymore. And still stuff it up :rofl:. It’s a great song to learn loads of techniques. You’re right, it does seem too hard when you start. Just do it a couple of bars at a time, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Honestly my first attempt at doing rolling chords I thought they were insanely hard and wondered if it was even possible for me to do them. I felt really disillusioned. Took daily practice for a week to even be able to do them. I still stuff them up too. The single note melodies were hard too, kept using the wrong fingers… that’s a lot better now though, just repeat, repeat, repeat and you will get there!

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just up from the basement after practicing, I printed the PDF, went through the video step by step and managed to play each section slowly. At that point I stopped to avoid frustration, as you say I will get there slowly.

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Here is what my Greensleeves is like now as requested by Rogier. I haven’t practiced it for a long time but I do still play it now and again. I had to do a few run throughs to remember it… far from perfect with some dud notes etc.


That was great, JK. I especially noticed what I think is called the rolled chord technique or something like that. And there’s one stretchy bit that makes me resist an impulse to committing myself to learning it … I’m such a :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:sometimes.

I assume you recorded this with your phone. I notice the soundlevel is really low, so much so I had to stop crank up the headphone volume on my 2i2 and restart. It’s not a big issue, provided I remember to turn back down again or the next listen can be an ear-blaster.

Perhaps also step a bit further back from the phone. I always like to see the whole head and guitar. Plus one can enjoy the beauty of an Aussie garden in summer sunshine while enjoying your performance.

Of course neither of those comments are material to your playing, on that I can say nothing as it sounded good to me.

Oh yes, you’ll notice I was abusing my moderator powers. Had I not been curious I might have missed this addition, rememebering that I’d watched and commented on the electric version (at least I think I did :rofl:). So I amended the title and added a link in the OP for the benefit of those who may come later when the acoustic addition is buried in the thread among all the other replies.


Thanks for checking it out David. Yep, it was on the phone. Kids were creating chaos inside so went out the back in the scorching sun. Good tips on the video and sound… perhaps I’ll end up getting a phone mic (GAS striking again). I usually edit on the PC but this one I just uploaded straight from my phone.

Give it a go and learn it. I found it plenty tricky but with enough practice it sticks and the stretchy bit isn’t that stretchy in the grand scheme of things.

No probs on renaming the thread either, I wouldn’t usually go and revive an old thread but Rogier asked for an update and seemed to make sense to post here rather than somewhere else.

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No worries, maaate :grin:

I figured as much re the phone. I’ve also done some uploads direct for convenience sake, but those are usually recordings of me playing electric in my work-room through my amp and my issue is clipping as the amp volume is too hot for the phone to handle. Now I generally try to curb both my enthusiasm to get something posted and ‘laziness’ to do any post-processing and edit the audio prior to posting. Super simple to do in Reaper, which can re-render the video with an adjusted audio.

I am slightly tongue-in-cheek. Now I am slowly getting back to practice, rather than just playing songs for fun and preparation for either a Community OM or the OM at the local music club where I play once a month (no recordings so no postings). My next is to be smooth, (near) error-free on Happy Birthday. Then after that perhaps Greensleeves a good next though maybe a big jump in what it’ll take to learn and ‘perfect’ (ie get to the level of performance that I am OK with which is a continent away from ‘perfection’).

I think reviving an old thread, to typically play an improved version is OK. As I just wrote in reply to a conversation in a Traveler AVOYP, adding to an existing or creating a new, have the same impact IMHO on the busyiness and user experience of AVOYP. So if it is logical, revive, and an edit to the title can help folk to know what to expect.

As for scorching, the other night after guitar practice I found it necessary to take a swim before getting on the bed for rad and sleep … at 09h30pm.


Hi JK,
How good to read that my question is your command :rofl:

Nicely done :sunglasses: :clap: and really great to see and hear that you have progressed so much :sunglasses:, I liked the notes and rolling chords… in the keeping on time with the transitions, there is still profit to be made.
That’s also the biggest problem for me, and if I play it once 100% in the right time, there are muted / wrong notes and the rolling chords i messed up :grimacing:

And how much better does an acoustic sound with this song than with my electric one,…so I’ll keep practicing for a few more days.
And I can still buy time by “cutting in my fingers” :roll_eyes: :joy:(which I also did a bit last week so I’m not going to defy Karma any further now :innocent:)

Completely agree with what David says about recording in the garden and all good things… Enne @DavidP What about you outside recording there :thinking: in that beautiful warm country? :crossed_fingers:

Greetings and all the best from your humble follower Roger :blush: :laughing:


Nice job JK. Certainly got that rolling chord action boxed off. Something I’m working on before I attempt this one. Sticking to Dead Thumb Delta Blues for the moment !


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Nice JK. I’m working on this one too. I mostly feel alright about the rolling chords but some of my transitions are still lagging behind. Especially the 1-4 stretch on the E. And getting that third string to ring out properly in the F barre has been troublesome. Despite those challenges I find it a pretty fun tune to play, it’s kind of relaxing.

I was also shocked by the idea of it having lyrics!

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