Electric Greensleeves, acoustic version added

That sounded really good to me, JK. Far beyond my level and current abilities, so no constructive feedback but always interesting what’s coming up in the next grade and how others master the tasks. Greetings from the Alps with a snowy surrounding and freezing temperatures :+1:

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Wow! Okay, things to aspire to! Nicely played JK, really enjoyed that acoustic version, sounded great! :clap::clap::clap::sunglasses:
Haven’t got to this yet and it looks intimidating! :grimacing: :joy: Keen to try it though, like Brendan said, it seems like it would be soothing to play :innocent: :blush:

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I do sometimes sit outside to play, Roger, but my acoustic recordings are generally made in the Playroom (my designated name for the Home Studio, which is equally apt for my son, the gamer). And recordings made with a phone of practice, loodles, and noodles are made in the Workroom, where my amp now sits. So if you really want to see, it’ll have to be pictures or a guided tour of the garden with a voice over … you don’t really want that … my garden is not that special :laughing:


Well, I certainly want to see a bit more of the area where you live, Dusssss :laughing: :blush:
I’ll settle for some pictures, :blush:. but I see a documentary about the country/nature where you are living once a week +/-, and it’s so beautiful, and the weather I read from JK and you playing in the sun, Andrea in the mountains with snow, and we are sitting here in the middle of it, nothing like that at all :roll_eyes:

Oh well, I wish you all the beauty, but feel free to share the images, make me " jealous"



That sounds lovely Jk! :heart_eyes: Your rolling chords both look and sound very accurate The work on the fretting hand is not less challenging and it seems to me you’re accurate there too. Big thumbs up from my part :+1::heart_eyes::+1::heart_eyes::+1::heart_eyes:

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Hi JK, it’s always so interesting to see other people’s progress. And yes, there is definitely progress to hear :clap::smiley:.
Oh man, this song doesn’t sound/look easy to play. And, to be honest, I’ve never heard about rolling chords before. So I’m really curious to learn them, once I’ve reached this level in my guitar journey :slightly_smiling_face:.

And so fantastic to get a glimpse of your summery garden :sun_with_face:, while here - on the other side of the world - I spent hours of playing and sleighing in the snow with my boys, today :snowman_with_snow::snowflake::sled:.

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JK man that was terrific! You really progressed it well ahead and your rolling chords are really there! :ok_hand: your guitar sounded lovely I do feel this song is better suited to acoustic and/or classical guitar and yours sounded so bright, almost like it was the sun itself playing it :laughing: all the best!

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JK, With the right USB adapter and power you can use your Focusright with your phone. I have an iphone and needed the official Iphone adapter (USB3.0 and lightning)

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Well I didn’t expect so many replies to a sneaky update to an old thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am a slave to you Rogier, as long as you chuck hearts on my posts I can’t help it… On a more serious note, yeah, there is work to be gained on it but I don’t practice it more as I think I’ve learned what I want to from it for now. You’re right about the transitions etc - that would need more practice :wink:. Now I’m waiting for your one! And also that other obscure song you were learning the intro solo from…

Rolling chords were hard, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do them at all for a while. Then they clicked, and with greensleeves over and over they are pretty easy now. Strange how that stuff happens. Keen to hear Dead Thumb when that is ready!

Yep, it is a fun song to learn and kinda of complex to remember. I agree with the 1-4 on the E and the F - took me a long time to get that bit down where you lift a finger and pluck the string held down by the barre. I find it’s a challenge to get a playthrough all the way without mistakes… that’s why there’s a few mistakes in the vid :wink:. Enjoy it.

It was about 35C out in the sun :rofl: Snow and freezing sounds so foreign!

It’s definitely one of those things that when I started learning it, it felt like I would never get it, there was so much to remember. Now, well, it’s still a lot to remember! But like most things it gets easier in time. I think this would be pretty far from your metal destiny, I like playing a variety of stuff. Do you have an acoustic? I think I’ve only seen you playing your electrics.

Funnily enough, mine is also called the Playroom… because it’s full of the kid’s toys! I share it with them because the kids and I make a lot of noise :rofl:

Thanks Silvia, I know you like the chord melody stuff so that means a lot!

Justin introduces them in Grade 3, I would have never come across them otherwise. It’s not something I had imagined I would end up playing tbh.

Some accidental cinematography there! :rofl:. Thanks Adrian!

Great idea Phil, something to consider. My Focusrite has a lot of stuff plugged into it now… I haven’t even looked into portable options.


I was sure I’d heard this before so I scrolled back. Yes, July last year, an electric version.
Henry would have approved of this acoustic version much more! Well done JK.

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It’s great to re-record something and see your progress, really nice playing here! Your rolling chords are lovely, overall your touch is smoother, and the little bit of an increase to the tempo is perfect. I will say though I did love your electric version - didn’t realize how much I liked reverb I guess! Lol it certainly suits this arrangement and this song.

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Lol! Yep I have two… Ones a rubbish cheapo (you might see it in the rack behind me in recordings) and other is a reasonably good one but just sits looking pretty in the lounge :rofl:

Funny thing is that there’s lots of cross over between classical and metal (if this falls into the classical category?). Lots of metal albums have acoustic intros or interludes which sound epic so I feel this is somewhat on the path (plus I’m a lot like you, I have very eclectic tastes, metal is the primary for sure but I love so much other music too).:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Malmsteen, Metallica, ozzy, Queen etc etc all supping from the cup of classic music at times


Can’t argue with that at all JK, nicely played. :clap:

Highly envious of that blue sky and sunshine!!

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It sounded great, and that’s big progress, congrats! :slight_smile: The original electric version was very cool too.

I did the old beginner course in the past. I’m doing the new beginner lessons as a consolidation, usually at a fast pace, but this Greensleeves lesson… It’s been over two months, and I’m still struggling.

As a next-level challenge, I suggest practicing it with a metronome. I find it helps to play along with Justin while counting rhythm yourself too:

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JK, I realised in my comment, I didn’t mention your playing that was really nice and smooth. You did great remembering and pulling off all the rolling chords, this is still in my practice every session, but rare to get as clean a playthrough as this. Still it is a fun challenge.

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superbly played JK. You have those rolling chords nailed. Henry would have been proud of you. I look forward to the next rendition with the vocals included.

Anything to delight Henry VIII, or VII, or … way too many Henrys.

Thanks Mari, really appreciate it. It’s surprising I haven’t been practicing them a lot recently but it stuck after a while.

I have no idea what category it is… but sounds like some Greensleeves, or maybe Fade to black, is in your future :wink:

King Henry & James Hetfield have a bit in common it turns out!

All pretty typical in sunny Queensland Mark, just really bloody hot at the moment too. Although I’d rather have too hot than cold.

Thanks for checking it out Kamil. Yep, I’m aware of the pauses in this one, it wouldn’t pair well with a metronome as is… if I was going to excuse that, I’d say it was “flexing time” like in one of the grade 3 lessons. But really it’s just that some parts are a bit tricky and I’m probably not going to spend the time perfecting this one, just occasionally muck around with it.

Thanks Phil. This one takes a bit of work, I reckon if you get bored of it, drop it for a while, and come back to it later.

Nice try James! :rofl: I’ll do that if King Charles knights me for my performance on behalf of Henry. Sir JK, champion of Greensleeves!


This was very nice JK, urges me to revisit my version at some point. I agree with the idea that not all songs needs to be practiced and refined, only those considered worth keeping. Besides, general smoothness, accuracy etc. will come with time and experience.

Rolled chords sounded cool, have to investigate it :slight_smile: .

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