Electric Guitar & Voice into iPad +

Anyone using an iPad for the OM’s or suchlike? What ways are there of doing it?

You need two pieces of equipment

iPad Adaptor
one is an adaptor for you iPad that plugs into the bottom connector.

If you have an older iPad then you need an adaptor with a lightning connector. These adaptors tend to only have a USB interface into the iPad.

For the newer iPads with a USB C connecter you can get an multifunction adaptor. These have USB as well as 3.5mm audio in plugs

In order to have 2 audio sources you will need a mixer. The important thing here is to look at what the audio output is for the mixer. There are some that have a USB out, some just have RCA or 1/4" stereo out which is less ideal.

Here is pretty good video that explains some of the options

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