Ellen Plays Bass

I thought there had been a thread about this little girl Ellen Alaverdyan and her amazing exploits on bass, but I couldn’t find it with the search function.

Anyway, today she (actually, her dad runs her YouTube to monitor it) posted a video of her responding to a challenge from Korn’s bassist. I think she not only succeeded, but may well have topped him!


I agree! :+1:
She is amazing! :sunglasses:

This is pretty cool Mark!!!
Thanks for posting!!


Gorgeous! Cool kids show us how to play :joy:!

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I’ve followed her since seeing her as a guest on one of Steve Vai’s videos, she’s got an amazing personality and talent, she never stops smiling and laughing.
I can see her being competitive with my other favourite Bassists Tal Wilkenfeld, she’s got a way to go with the improvising skills but definitely the potential to get there!