Elton John - Chameleon

Songs written for the Piano are a major challenge for a guitarist. They generally have color notes (e.g.6ths) and frequently use alternative Bass notes. For example , in this song they have a G as the Bass note for an F chord.

A great way to exercise your fingers in ways you are not comfortable with - like Jazz chords :slight_smile:

My take on a very underrated song from Elton John. Guitar is a Taylor 712Ce 12-Fret. Amazing guitar …


Wow :scream: Bob, what a great rendition of one of my favorite artists, so much to love about many of Elton and Bernies lyrics.

That sounded great to me, solid vocal and how much fun did you look like you were having :grin: :+1:

I had previously looked at “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” and “Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters” but decided it was above my play grade atm :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’ll put it up as a request for you instead :joy:

Great work Mate, a joy to watch.

Bravo, Bob.

Really enjoyed the vocal in a polished production.

I think I enjoyed the outro portion the most as the guitar cut through the mix and I could enjoy the sounds of amazing guitar. For the rest of the song I was getting moments only.

From a general perspective, the oevrall mix was fine, I’d have just preferred to hear your playing over the backing rather than being an in-the-background supporting part in the arrangement.

I’d love to hear some of the details as to how you put that production together, how it was recorded, use of fx etc. I find that interesting and learn a lot from hearing how fellow members work.

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Thanks for the kind words. This video was done on an ad-hoc basis for a good friend of mine. Didn’t spend a lot of time on audio/video, etc.

This was my least produced video. Just a microphone into GarageBand. I then use iMovie to sync video with GarageBand audio.

For my better produced videos, I’ve learned to stop using microphones for my guitars. I absolutely love Scuffham (S-Gear) amp simulator. I plug directly into my DAW and record in GarageBand using the Scuffham Amps plug-in. I take all recordings (guitars and vocals) and double-track them. I do this by copying the entire track and taking that track and slightly moving it forward. The first track is set to right channel, the second to left channel. Creates a stereo effect. I mostly use Karaoke-version backing tracks.

Most of my videos are lip-synced to the final GarageBand audio. :grinning:

But this has motivated me to do a full video of Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding. I recorded it a few years ago, but wasn’t completely happy with it.

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Yeah, I did it as a goof for a fellow EJ fan. This was a very rudimentary recording. I responded to another member: I’m now motivated to record Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding ! I’ve recorded it a few times but never happy with it. Will do Video also !

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Really great! It’s so good to see someone enjoying the performance. It’s not a song I’m familiar with but I do enjoy Elton John songs, I end to stick to the well known ones.

Man you looked to be enjoying that and it sure came through.

Great singing and playing there Bob. I didn’t know they song but I sure enjoyed it.

Maybe guitar a little louder on your guitar next time please.

That was a lot of fun Bob and your enjoyment helped. Really solid playing and great vocals. I agree with others that you were a little too far back in the mix. I’m looking forward to more recordings!