Embarrassed Noob can't work her pedal

Look I’m old now yeah so I’ve suddenly turned into this weird technophobe lol! I have a Boss ME 50 and I don’t know what the heck I’m doing with it. I can’t even get it to work! haha! My toddler messes with it and it makes noises then I go to use it and nothing. There don’t seem to be any links/vids/info on using that particular pedal. Does anyone mind helping me. I have an amp (basic) and a guitar and the pedal. I don’t seem to be able to get them to work together. Could someone help me with some troubleshooting? Things I should check (yes everything is on lol! And the guitar works when plugged directly into the amp)
Once I’m up and running, what basic settings should I try? I am a huge Weller fan as you can tell by the name and am an indie kid so grew up with the Smiths and am of the Oasis era of Indie/Brit Pop also a big lover of Bowie and Prince’s sound.

Thank you very much in advance for your time, any help and not laughing because I’m probably just being very silly and it’s all simple. Everything is appreciated.

Do you need an AC adaptor for it? If yes, check if it’s set to the correct voltage and whether it’s center negative or center positive: https://travelingguitarist.com/center-negative-vs-center-positive-whats-the-difference/

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Thanks Jozsef, no I have the correct lead for it. I think it’s a setting I need to fiddle with, like I said the toddler is always pressing things on it.

I don’t have this exact model, but have you checked the owner’s manual? There are a few tips for troubleshooting and how to do a factory reset: https://www.boss.info/us/products/me-50/support/

Hope it helps.


Not sure if this helps:



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No! I had no idea where to even get that. Thank you so much, will probably answer a few questions. Appreciate it.

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Thank you Majik, I’ll let you know. He shows where to plug a lead in so that might be a clue. It was useful to hear the different effects so if nothing else at least I have a place to start in terms of what I want to hear. Appreciate your reply.

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Did you have any joy with this?

Sorry not to be able to help. I’ve also only just started dipping my toe in the world of pedals. The Boss ME 50 looks like a great way of sampling lots of different sounds - I like that you can save things to presets. Fingers crossed you’re enjoy it.