Embedded URLs Behaving Strangely

Embedded URLs - I am not sure if its this environment but when I added the link to my Soundcloud track list, it defaulted to the track at the top of the list not the immediate level above. On the “old” forum it readily accepted the /tobyjenner/tracks without going to the top track itself. as its done here - the link was in my forum signature if that helps ?

testing myself; sharing an album here

Pressed the “share” button under my album.
(sorry, in Dutch :p)

Do love that photo !! Super cool LDV :+1:

Right, found for that type of URL I am better using the Hyperlink option - and I checked it does go to the track list page.


But still odd if I add that address manually to the post, rather than go to that page, it goes direct to the first track. Can’t see I am doing anything different, to dropping the link into a browser, which would the just bring up the track list page. So still a bit odd. :sunglasses: