Embedded videos - slow to load

Does anyone else find that embedded videos are really slow to load and play? I find this on both the JG website and the Community site. They can take up to 30 seconds to load.
I don’t have a problem with direct YouTube links. They open immediately.


Hi Gordon,
This site is not the fastest but all videos play directly on me…pc windows 10, I’ll have a look on my (old) phone,

Edit:Turned on several but no problem here and no second waiting / loading time or hitch in between…

I get it sometimes here. Occasionally they don’t play at all.

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Might be an iOS thing, my android seems fine

I was just watching some of the music theory course videos on the JG website and I found I needed to click on the play icon twice to get the video to start. MacBook with Safari.

After the first click the video screen goes black for 20 to 30 seconds so no opportunity to click twice.

On my iPhone, I have to click twice (iPhone 7, iOS 15). I have no problem whatsoever on my McBook (2012 model, OS 10.15). So the more outdated the device the better, I guess :grinning: