Emeritus - their new song is out!

This is a song of a band I promote, Emeritus.
I hope you ll enjoy this song. The lead guitarist has followed Justin Guitar beginner course for 3 months, together with the rhythm guitarist, a 10 year old! The rest of the band members, including the singer, are self-thought. Playing, recording, producing, all were a challenge, but it paid off.
The title, Fire light, refers to the fact that achieving our goals is not always easy, but it is worth it. As they say, diamonds are made under fire and pressure. It is hard to get out of our vices, of our comfort zone, but that is the only way to become better, to leave behind our bad behaviours. We can all relate to the song, we are not perfect. Maybe we play too many video games, or drink to much beer, maybe we lack the power to search for a more rewarding job. It depends on the person. This song is for everyone, it is a reminder that our lives are not long (as the romans said, memento mori), so, let s take matters into our own hands and try to become who we want to be, our best version. Carpe diem!

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