Encounter ft. Hatsune Miku

After working on this new cover song, got to admit that my specs are really bad xD. Find Justin’s guide on microphone is really amazing, and plan to buy low-mid tier microphones for my future recordings. (I record this song on USB mics, lol)

There is so much thing to learn. Hopefully this cover song shall be a great stepping stone to production grade songs. Thanks!


Hello Vincent, and thanks a lot for sharing this song with us :hugs:.
I have to admit, that I’m not familiar with this genre, but it was very enjoyable :blush:.
As the vocals were very dominant in the recording, it was not so easy to follow your playing. But as far as I could here your guitar, it’s quite a tricky song to play.
Maybe new mics would help, or maybe it would be also fine to turn down the volume of the backing track, to grant you and your guitar a ‘larger stage’ :grinning:.
I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from you :clap::+1::star_struck:.

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Wow, never heard anything like that! It sounds like a really tough guitar part to play, but you sounded great. Only comment - it may be a microphone thing - but a bit more treble on the guitar to make it more distinct. But seriously great playing.

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Sounds full of promise, Vincent. I agree that better quality mics will improve the sound of your guitar. The use of Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid thing, is fascinating. Well played and produced.

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That sounded like some very difficult playing Vincent but what a great job you did with it.

This was something very different but very enjoable.

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Thank you guys! Nothing more exhilarating than learning from Andy Mckee. His song “Drifting” is the inspiration of my cover song

And I use DADGAD tuning for my composition.


The unresolved nature of the DADGAD tuning really works well in this piece. What a treat listening to it. More please.

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