Ending bends

Okay, just an observation really but i had recently started ending bends then play the same note before releasing. Before this i would always release the bend and go straight to a different fret, string etc. I then found the tabs for the lead parts to one of my favourite UFO songs and the lead guitarist, Michael Schenker, one of my all time guitar heros, uses this technique loads, and i have only started learning the 1st 2 short leaf sections! At one point he does a slow full bend, picks the note again at the top and slowly releases the bend, then picks the same note again. 3 notes in the same place all sounding different.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Gilmour does this and plays the bend with loads of vibrato when he hits it at the top the bend. Common on B string bends, when the target note of the bend, would be on the e string with very little room to apply effective vibrato. Playing the note at the top of the bend, gives plenty of room for a wide vibrato motion, where you’d normally drop off the fretboard, playing the note on the e. Sounds good :sunglasses:


Yes… love a bit of Mr Gilmour. Not one to learn guitar using lessons, i prefer to learn songs and it’s amazing what you can pick up by learning other peoples songs. As for vibrato whilst bending, i can now manage a bit of normal vibrato but still practising while bending. May take a while though as currently when i try, it sounds like my guitar is being sick :tired_face: :laughing:

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I have also been trying this techniques and liking it. So full bend up on a note, hold it, then play the higher note again. Can either move on, or do a down bend to get back to the original note.

But I am having a problem on the e string. It works fine on the B string - can repeat the high note with good quality, but if I try it on the e it sounds pathetic and weedy on the second hit.

I am specifically working on this lick from Justin’s pattern 2 set, trying to double the note on the bend at fret 10. Any suggestions re technique to make it sound better?