Epiphone Sg just spilt her nut

Oh so on a Epiphone the nut can break.

She my baby ok bit of a twist in the neck, but i think she jealous. As my fender gone for upgrades. Dawn it she was the one 2 months back getting all the love. Then now we just doing blues well my blues and the nut cracks!

I really think she telling me well you like buzzing notes don’t you. Know I got to tell my m8 once you done the strat the SG needs a new nut. Epiphone les paul slash come here now, he should be ok as he had a bone nut fitted.


Oh, the jokes we probably can’t put up on the forum…so sad….


As long as it not a buy a cheap guitar sort of thing, most jokes would be ok.
She is 23 or 24 years old, never had a case been placed in the loft (by her in doors to many times)

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uh -oh…

  1. You need to make sure your mistresses are ok with multiple loves
  2. Stop lifting the guitar by the E string
  3. Practicing the ‘Nutcracker Suite’ before the holidays?

On a serious side, get the tension off that string if you haven’t already. The fretboard is not set up to hold that.