Equipoboad, page for knowing the gear of your favourite guitarists

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I’m posting this here because I don’t really know where it would be the best fit.

Just in case you didn’t know, I bring a very handy webpage for trying to get closer to a band tone, or to satisfy your curiosity about the gear your favorite guitarists use.

I used it for my The Offspring cover. Copying some of the gear of Kevin Wasserman :slight_smile: That’s how I knew I had to simulate a Mesa Boogie Mark IV


Commented on your other post in AVOYP, I’ve bookmarked it and having a look around in there - looks rather good to me!

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I though it would be more useful to have it in its own thread and not hidden in my AVOYP :stuck_out_tongue: . Glad you found it interesting :slight_smile:

Nice thanks Edgar!

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Thank you for sharing this! Looks like a great site.

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Oh that looks fun esp for people with modeling amps!

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