Equivalent of the Forum "Insert Quote" (solved)

I wanted to quote from an earlier post and spotted

the ability to highlight a quote

and wondered if there was a single click option to insert the bit to be quoted, with the author’s name or if this is done manually with copy & paste

And have now discovered that you can include quotes from previous posts by highlighting the text you want and clicking the reply button.

Which is how I popped that quote into this reply

Good find!
Looks like no additional modification is necessary, although it is quite a hidden feature.

I will note this as a UX concern for now that doesn’t need a fix

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Won’t let me hilight the whole sentiment just one word on my
Tablet and the quote button pops up.
Is there a work around for this?
It seems to be double posting as well.

Good insight David! - I would recommend it be documented somehow?

What I still don’t get is the icon in the toolbar at the top of the post reply. See the red circled icon below:

What is it to be used for? How is it used? If you hover the mouse over it; the help text says it is for “blockquote”. That makes me think it has some functionality in the quoting process? Is the only function of that icon - to create a rectangle quote box? Something seems to be missing.

A pinned how-to thread was started in the “Issues and questions” section, including the first post about quoting

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Great idea Lieven, so I have opened this quote using the " option and hopefully the same will close it

Aha ! No it just opens an new quote box

Right got it. Once you use the " command from the menu line it will open the quote box for your input - type or maybe paste from elsewhere etc to populate the quote, then hitting Return will take you out of the box and back to the main body of the post. Got it.

Don’t forget to remove Blockquote from the box !


I figured out how to quote on my tablet.
Have to hold your finger a word in the sentence you want to quote
The quote button comes up but have to keep my finger down until
the word turns blue then I can expand the blue to include the whole sentance the tap the quote button.

Now I just need to figure what the @tobyjenner is for. :beers:5

Now I just need to figure what the @tobyjenner is for. :beers:5

I’d just drop that straight in the wastebasket !

Not getting much joy with my tablet. Taking ages to load but that could be the specs.

I was looking at chrome books the other day but they’re just
tablets with key pads. So I passed. May have to get a new
Laptop. Tablet is fine for a music book but not much else.

Not quite. They run the full desktop web browser, which most tablets don’t actually do very well. If you want something cheap, secure, and just need it to access web based services (which, frankly, is all a lot of people need) then Chromebooks are great.

They do actually also run some Android apps and some of the recent models also run some Linux apps.

And one advantage they have is that if it breaks, or you lose it or get it stolen, you can be up and running with a new one within a couple of minutes of unboxing it with no data loss, and you can block the old one from accessing your accounts.

My elderly parents and my Mother-In-Law have Chromebooks and love them. They are perfect for what they need: simple to operate, and fewer security worries.

If you need to run a non-web based program, like a DAW, then they’re not the right thing at all.



Thanks for the reply Keith. I was looking for something to replace
my aging Samsung tablet.
The main thing I use my tablet for is to run the SongBook app and
checking the forum.
As you know my laptop come over on the Mayflower and I should
have replaced it already. Without your help I think I would have
driven over it with my truck. So I think I’ll replace it first and use
my tablet just for the SongBook app. The screen is big enough to
look up lyrics.

@LBro , I’d say there are two styles of quoting here. One is the blockquote you highlighted which creates a visual into which you can either type or paste text.

Then there is the quoting that is similar to what we have in the Forum, the Insert Quote function, which looks similar but also adds the reference to the author of the post from which the quote was made.

And as I wrote above, easiest way of doing this seems to be to highlight text in the source post and hit the reply button of that post.


I have found you do not need to highlight as such. Open your reply dialogue, then left click somewhere in the post you want to post, then hit the bubble quote in the reply box, job done. :bulb:

Seems like there many different ways to skin the cat in this platform, @tobyjenner .

And now I am wondering when to just type a name vs using the @reference.

@DavidP I am an old luddite, so just start typing as I have always done, my brain is not tuned to the many tagging aspects out there in social media world. But good question is there a protocol for @tagging# ?

There is no protocol yet since I’ve seen no issues arise (yet).
I’d like to keep as much “common sense” as possible before we need to write up some kind of guideline :wink:


Hey Toby - Look at you working in a hashtag but darn that need for at least 20 characters :grin:

Being late to the party in this case means I am late to understand. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But indeed it is fairly simple if you get the hang of it…

Thanks for the help!