ES 335 epiphone upgrade

I have an epiphone ES 335. I like it but with my left shoulder succumbing to arthritis I struggle with its weight. I’d like to replace it with a lighter option that without being high end is a step up in quality to the epi. Another semi hollow. Suggestions folks?

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Although it’s probably not considered a step up in quality, have you looked at the Epiphone 339?

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I’ve noted it as one to look at.

339 is 6lbs heavier according to a quick comparison online. But do you trust everything on line. Epi 335 20 against 26 for the 339.

My Washburn HB30 and 32s are 8lbs 8 oz. Both 335 clones and nice and light.
Can’t say I ever weighed them though, :wink:

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Oh, I read it was a smaller, lighter option.
I’ll add the Washburns to my list of options.

Wow - didn’t know that. I thought it was smaller and lighter. Interesting.

I’m surprised they both weigh that much !! :scream:

Yeah - I’ve got a Epi 335, and it’s not 20lb. Perhaps with a case and packaging.

ES-339 weight


ES-335 weight


@Willsie01 check out peach guitars website as all guitars over a certain price point weighed.


Just checked the source … Amazon, so please ignore me !


Thanks for posting that @Socio I was going to say I’ve never played a hollow body that weighed more than 8lb.


I know you said you want semi hollow.
However have you considered full hollow.
Like a casino. Or I’m sure there’s others.
Ya loose the center block of wood inside, so it just has to be lighter. By how much, I dunno.
There are other trade offs when going semi hollow vs hollow body though. But weight is one of them though I’m thinking.

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Hi John,
If the pain wins over the looks (and the price of a guitar (1000+/- euros (, looked just quickly)knowing it is no longer important) call me …
I have one with a 2.37 kilo solid body and a much lighter hollow acoustasonic … so if it is really necessary you can go very light … good luck struggling with physical complaints…

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Hi Rogier, sorry I don’t understand your meaning.

Ooo it’s that time again…oops I did it again :blush:

My only hollow body option that I can help you with is my PRS but it is much more expensive, approximately 1900 euros now… those other options are other solid body or semi-acoustic guitars… BUT if your complaints get worse you may need to consider much lighter (other guitars) come to mind…
so actually I should have kept my mouth shut, but it can quickly deteriorate with your health/back or arthritis and then know that there are many more lighter guitars…
hopefully this helps… :blush:
If not ,please say so :grimacing:

Ps :I have an ugly light weight Ibanez Q54 …2.3 kilo… 999 euros … compare that with the beautiful guitar you have now or almost any other semi hollow … that is what I meant by looks :roll_eyes:

That maybe of interest.
The Peach Guitar website gives the weight of an Epi 335 as 7lbs 12oz & a Casino as 6lbs 2oz. I think that still sounds heavy.

What do you play on a guitar that weighs over 20 lbs???

I’ve seen 3 or 4 different dimensions/weights on Amazon for a product on THE SAME PAGE!!! I never trust their info!!!


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Also, most hollow body guitars I’ve seen are in the 7 lb range. Gretsch & Epiphone have several models under 1k… Nice players too!!!


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The Epiphone Casino Coupé is one of the lightest I know of but also most Gibson SG’s are around the 6lb’s weight.

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Way to go and light as a feather. Time to get rockin @Willsie01 you know it makes sense. :wink:

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