ES-339 maintenance Questions

Hi all, I had to give my Epiphone ES-339 guitar a good clean up and some new strings today and found a couple of issues I need some info on please.

Firstly the tune-omatic-bridge…
Is the right side screw a fake screw, like a pin with a slot in. I noticed that when I removed the strings the right side can lift up but not the left.

Is that right. ?

secondly the jack socket in loose in the square housing but not the little plate nor the locking nut on the outside so how do I get this tightened up please.

If you need images I can do tomorrow.

Any info welcome, thanks


Hi Rachel, the bridge I will look at later when I am home. As for the loose nut, that simply requires tightening, and should be checked at fairly frequent intervals. Hope that helps.

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Hi Malz, Think I should explain the jack plug a bit better.

The bit that is loose is the socket itself, not the plate , not the locking ring.
Where the jack plug comes through the plate there is a small amount of movement of all the metal components as a whole. I cant move the ring with my fingers but the socket still has some movement, hope that help.

If not I can make a little video tomorrow, thanks for you help Malz.

Much appreciated.


See if this is useful for the jack input.

As to the two bridge screws … eek.
Both should be threaded screws and not slide out without rotating.


Hi Rachel. Once you’ve taken off the strings you should be able to lift the bridge off the two height adjustment pins which are screwed into the body off the guitar. It’s only the string tension that holds the bridge in place. Same with the stop bar. It’s only the strings which hold it in place.

I didn’t realise this and the first time I changed strings on my SG both the bridge and stop bar fell off! No damage was done fortunately.

I now initially leave string 4 on when changing strings. That holds everything in place while I clean the guitar and helps stop you accidentally turning the bridge height and stop bar height adjustment screws with the cleaning cloth.
After I’ve fitted a couple of the new strings I then remove the old string.


Thank you richard, I wasnt sure if it would help to remove the plate. Let you know later. :slight_smile:


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Hi there, now I looked for videos yesterday but this is by far the best. thank you for the info, I’ll remember noe to leave a string on. I thought it odd that one side lifted but not the other.

Thank you.


Seems as though you now have all the info required. Love my 339, on which the bridge was upgraded with a ‘resomax, Graphtec’. :smiley:

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Yes, thanks.

I must admit, it’s growing on me and cant help but wonder, what the Gibson version is like of my Epihone.


PS.Expensive pieces of gear arent they lol

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