Every Me and Every You, Placebo (cover), Sally McLennane, The Pogues (cover); March recordings

Oh dear, four days away and I’m already way behind :open_mouth:

@pkboo3 Thanks Pam :smiley:
It was a fun song to learn and it’s one you can actually sing at a gathering without any musical accompaniment (a bit of table banging in the chorus adds atmosphere :laughing:).
Isn’t that a difficult strumming pattern when you first try it? :open_mouth:

@Richard_close2u Thanks again :smiley:

I’m always distracted, Rogier. It was no Community distractions. I’ll share my distractions soon enough :wink:

Cheers, Jeff
A whirlwind summary, proving you read and listened :rofl:
Much appreciated, my friend

Story of my life :wink:

@NicoleKKB Ooooh… that’s a lovely thing to say :smiley:
My ‘kids’ have given up on me a long time ago :laughing:

I’m like a train in a tunnel! :laughing:
Appreciate the listen and comments, Dave :smiley:

I never asked Chris to join in on this, maybe I should have :thinking:

Cheers, Stefan :smiley:

You can still get live music for £3 (Watch this space :rofl:)

@Billca Thanks for the listen and thumbs up Nancy -
go paint the town green! :four_leaf_clover: :rofl:

@glpguitar cheers, mate.
My mind is still recovering from your ‘drop’ :open_mouth:


Great story and you did justice to the song. Been a fan of the Pogues for some years.

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Hi Brian,

I know the odd song by the Pogues, though not this one.
Always found their songs got your foot tapping. This was no different.
Definitely suites your delivery style. A grand job.

Irish Rover next?

Hope you’re good.


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Hi Joe, (doesn’t ring quite right :wink:). Much appreciate the listen and thumbs up. Thank you :smiley:
An appropriate bump, with Paddy’s Day this week :four_leaf_clover:

@Digger72 Always good to hear from you Steve, hope you’re doing ok?
I’m keeping well, thanks for asking
I’m a bit wary of too much diddly-idly but you never know what the future holds :laughing:

I’m trying to learn a song from Justin’s lessons with a bit of note picking along with a non-intuitive strumming pattern, which is going to take me forever… :roll_eyes:
I got distracted and needed a quick-fix-fun song. @Pilhas reminded me of a Placebo album I used to listen to, so I chose on of those. :smiley:
Astute observers will note, not only did I dress CNDy with a new set of strings, but retouched her mascara and oiled the fretboard so I could go faster :laughing:
I’m saving the planet, so no heating. That’s why I’m sporting the dressing gown my dear mum made me forty years ago :snowman:
Listen carefully and you can hear my neighbours banging on the walls to get me to shut up :rofl:
Hey, I kept it under 3 minutes!


Hi Brian,
I get things mixed up easily so not sure how and what now… so I’ll stick with good vibes



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Nice version Brian. Very enjoyable singing and playing.

How rude of the neighbours, you should pop round and ask them for their £3 listening fee. A hoodie and a dressing gown is a new look to me but you rocked it. :sunglasses:

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Haha, you saved me from my vanity, Stefan :rofl:
I was doing a bit of ‘housekeeping’ this morning, wondering whether I should give Sally McLennane a cheeky bump for Paddy’s Day, (but secretly also to draw attention to the Placebo tune I tagged on :roll_eyes: :laughing:)
I was starting to wonder if thick-skinned Rogier was the last of my disciples… :rofl:
Cheers for the compliments, mate.

Happy Paddy’s Day everyone! :four_leaf_clover: :ireland: