Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Cover of Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Recorded as a “one take Wednesday” contribution in October of 2020.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Dropbox/WAV)

Just guitar and vocal.


Better clear the stage of all those knickers the girls are throwing up there.

Nice voice. I stopped attempting to listen for mistakes 30 seconds in as it was just a nice piece of music and was distracting me from the job.

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:laughing: Well, I guess that would be preferable to beer bottles.

Thanks. I remember feeling like I was struggling on the vocal when I recorded it. Later I realized that I had originally learned this a semitone lower (like the album version), but when I recorded I played it with a standard tuned guitar. So that’s why the vocal felt “high” to me.

Really nice, I enjoyed listening. Can I ask how you recorded the guitar (which mic)?



I thought I had recorded this with an AT-2020, but looking back at my notes it was actually a Shure PGA27 (capturing vocal and guitar). At the same time I also captured the internal pickup of the guitar (a Martin OM-35E), which is a Fishman Aura VT Enhance. I mixed the internal pickup sound with the mic sound in my DAW.

Thanks. I just started recording and I am using a Rhode NT1A for vocals and guitar (when recording at the same time) and a Shure SM57 directly pointed at the guitar.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of recording acoustic guitar. Some tracks are just the internal pickup (I usually only do this if there are a lot of other instruments on the track). Some are mic + pickup. Some are two mics (near the neck/near the bridge) + pickup. Some are just two mics. Also depends on whether I’m singing at the same time as I play or recording a vocal separately.

Wow. That was really cool. You sounded really relaxed, your guitar sounded great and your singing was good. I hope that with many years of practice I can get to that level one day. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, Tim.

Consistent practice will definitely pay off. In my experience, it often occurs gradually enough that it’s hard to notice how much you’ve improved over time. But sometimes there seem to be sudden “jumps” in ability, or you learn something that gives you a kind of breakthrough. (Learning triads around the fingerboard was like that, for me.) In any case, consistent practice is the key.

I didn’t realize you also sang, well done on both the vocals and guitar!

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Loved that ! Got to be one of your best :sunglasses:

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Thank you. Yep, I sing on most of my recordings, although there are a few instrumentals in there.

Thanks, Toby!


That’s very nice. I laughed at the banter about knickers and beer bottles.

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That was awesome Jason!
Very well done!

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@tony @Tom_B - Thank you.

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Oh yeah, nicely done and clam free. Great cover. Nailed it!

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Thank you, Clint; I’m glad you liked it.

@J.W.C That was excellent. I really enjoyed it.

I’m not sure if I want to post up my version now. :grinning:

Thank you.

Please don’t say that! I know you put a smiley on your post (and weren’t serious), but discouraging anyone is the opposite of what I want.

I’d love to hear your version, and I’m sure everyone else would too. It’s definitely not a contest or anything. We have everything from first month beginners posting a recording made with a phone to pro-level playing and multi-track productions like Lieven’s contributions. And they’re all welcome and valued. This is a place where you share your music and your journey as a guitar player and get encouragement, inspiration, and truly constructive feedback (if you want). It’s a rare kind of place on the Internet, in my experience.

Very nice!

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