Everybody Hurts by REM cover

This is my cover of Everybody Hurts as taught by Justin. Sorry about the computer reflection, live and learn… :smirk: Hope you enjoy!


Well played and sung, Benji, lots of power and feeling in the vocal. Rare for vocals to be over-powering the guitar :grin: Your picking was consistent and you handled the sections with barre chords smoothly.

Curious about the reflection, can’t imagine how it came about?


Enjoying your version.

This is more AVOYS than AVOYP. Damn, what power you have in your voice!

Ticks all my boxes. Good song by a great band. Steady fingerpicking throughout with emotion in unconstrained vocals. Bravo!
I presume you have one of those transparent pickguards? No worries, we get to see you in the reflection as well :wink:

Great fingerstyle and a powerful vocal Benji. Well done.

Hello Benji, wow what a powerful performance :smiley:. Very well done :clap::+1:.
I loved your fingerpicking. Although, sometimes it was a bit difficult to hear as your (great) voice was ‘overruling’ it.
Lots to like here. Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Nice work Benji! Tough one to keep consistent tempo and picking pattern timing with and that came off really well.
Lovely performance, bravo :+1:

Great playing… Sounds awesome. Jealous. :slight_smile:

Thanks DavidP, yeah I had the computer aimed straight at the guitar, as I was using the computer’s camera, my GoPro, and my Pixel6a phone to see which recorded the best. Turned out the GoPro was the best by far… Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks Rene!

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Thanks jkahn, really appreciate that. I’m not much of a guitar player, but when I love a song, sometimes I can let them ring. Thanks for checking it out!

Oh yeah, didn’t think about the transparent pick guard, yup, that must’ve been the culprit. It’s a really beautiful song that is easy for me to sing in a heartfelt way… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for checking my cover out!

Thanks sairfingers!

Really appreciate that NicoleKKB! Yes I’m recording pretty bare bones with a Gopro. But you’re really not missing much as far as the guitar play goes. Been playing for years but just started practicing correctly the last year or so. Thanks for checking my cover out!

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Thanks Notter, much appreciated!

Thanks jimcins! Don’t be jealous, choose one you love and let it ring!

That was great Benji. Really nice fingerstyle and I loved how you let rip with your vocals. So much emotion in there.

Thanks SgtColon!

Hi Benji,

Just goes to show the best of songs are often the most unfussy. Just lovely melodies and sincere messages.
Very nicely played.
Loving the vulnerability in the vocal.