Everything works out fine in the end

Mum desperately wanted a girl… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hahahahahaha!!! Cool picture!!
99,9% sure that you are the one with darkest hair of the boys… just love those haircuts :grin: nothing beats that haircut!

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Cool picture! like the “Orgelpfeiffen” (organ pipes) as we say. Remember to have the same haircut back in the seventies! :rofl: Unfortunately all of those pictures are at my parents house!

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“If at once you don’t succeed, try try again” :joy: Great photo :slightly_smiling_face: I think John Carpenter saw this picture and it inspired him to remake ‘village of the damned’ :wink: :v:

Edit- I hope the joke was taken with the affection it was meant :grimacing: lol


Hi Brian,
I have read and seen in the 8mm thread how much your mother liked and often made you put on the same clothes…what in the word she was thinking :see_no_evil:…probably she had foresight and you and we now think it’s great moments we look at with a big smile :innocent: :sunglasses:
Greetings… :sunflower:

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@tRONd Bullseye! :dart: When the fringe hit the eyebrows, the kitchen scissors came out :scream:

@Helen0609 ‘Unfortunately?’ :thinking: :laughing:

“Yeah, I keep my temper, but I’m keeping score” (Skyscraper Stan, check it out :wink:)

@roger_holland I need a stalker-spam-filter! :laughing:


Thanks! Ha, ha. Yes! Just to amuse you and others, it looked so silly, like Prinz Eisenherz. Everyone used to have the same haircut in these days. Obviously you aren’t interested, so I’ll keep it private :wink: :joy:

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Good one. My mother had 5 boys before she finally got her daughter. Funny thing is the 2nd one is regularly teased that he should have been a girl. Logically it seems to me that all of the boys after the first should have been a girl. I never point that out as it’s such fun to tease the 2nd one.


Same in my family, mum wanted a girl and got me on the 4th attempt. They always said I should have been a boy!! Must admit, anything my brothers could do, I would make sure that I could do too. I used to be dressed in my brothers hand-me-downs so looked like a boy at that time.

As for the haircuts, I reckon your Mum used the same pudding basin as mine​:joy::joy:. Those were the days.

You’re not on your own Brian😊


We were all supposed to be called Suzanne :roll_eyes:
She got tired of the name eventually :laughing:

Here’s the soundtrack


Lovely pic!
Mum got it!!!