Evil Ways (Santana) - shortened acoustified solo

Hi all,
I tried to acoustify some licks from this song’s keyboard solo. It’s basically just the intro/outro of that solo because the middle part of the keyboard section got too complicated for me to transcribe. I recorded the strumming chord progression first and then recorded the solo part while listening to my strumming so that I’d be able to kinda match them up.

Oh and I decided to mumble along the words to the strum recording, but cut out the first 2 verses because I thought the repetitive chord progression with my lackluster vocals was just too long of a wait to get into the main part.
I did keep in the last verse after the solo though, which shows why I mainly concentrate on doing fingerstyle stuff :rofl:
Feedback, tips, general comments are welcome as always.


Hi Sandro,
I like the solo and the Santana vibe, and I like your mumble as well ,It gives a nice dark variety :sunglasses: :clap:

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Hey Dro… I think you should sing more often… I wouldn’t call it lackluster vocals… I would just call it confidence… the more you do it the more confident your vocals will become… you have a voice dude and I felt it suited that Santana vibe. Beyond my play grade to offer name meaningful feedback and tips on playing. I’ll just sign off with a kudos and thanks for sharing.

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@roger_holland Thanks Rogier, glad you liked the solo. The ‘dark variety’ description sounds cool and mysterious, so I’ll happily take it :slight_smile:

@Socio Cheers James. Some people know their vocal key/range, whereas I have zero clue what I’m doing. But thanks for the kind words… if I decide to try out some more vocals in the future at least I now have this one as a starting point.

Hi Sandro,

I agree with James @Socio, you should just give it a try more often and your mumbling will turn into actual singing. Using your vox is also just a skill that needs to be learned and trained, as is playing guitar. :slight_smile:

You have it in you, you can’t but try and see where it goes. Sing along with songs you like, or just humm along to a chord progression to get a feeling for your voice.

Regards the soloing, I’m not familiar with the song so I don’t know how it’s supposed to sound. I just had the feeling, it had a few rhythmical fluffs in the beginning, but maybe it’s supposed to be like that. Kudos for turning a keyboard solo into guitar! Not so easy, especially as you transcribed it yourself. Chapeau! :+1: :clap: So all in all, very well done - mumble a little more! :sunglasses:

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Nice one Sandro. Lovely sounding piece and the first time I’ve heard you sing. You should definitely sing more often!

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I don’t listen Santana so from total outsider perspective I enjoyed this playful and fun interpretation :slight_smile:.

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@Lisa_S Thanks Lisa. I kind of always have an inside voice that I don’t think is really suited for projecting outward. But yeah I guess I’ll try to mess around with it a bit more to see how it goes :+1:

Here’s a link to the keyboard section if interested: https://youtu.be/6EMqXsy_Zwo?si=rgeZ8rqY_aSkqZXa&t=81
I mainly covered the intro part 1:22- 1:44. The middle section after that gradually gets a bit too complicated for me to find the right spots on my guitar, so I skipped it and jumped back in at around 2:08 to get some sort of outro for it.

@Eddie_09 Much appreciated Eddie. Yes that would be the case because this was definitely the first time I’ve uploaded with vocals :slight_smile:
Apart from having a quick chat with a handful of peeps that stuck around after an OpenMic a while ago, I don’t think anyone else from here had heard me speak before.
So as you and some of the above have mentioned, I might try to force myself to do it more often.

@RadekSiechowicz Cheers Radek, glad you enjoyed it. I felt like trying to mix it up a bit and test the waters… but I will be heading back to good ol’ fingerstylin’ soon enough :wink:


That was some pretty sweet playing Sandro. A very nice job on the picking. I also liked your vocals. Maybe you don’t just need to stick to finger picking. :wink:

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Dude that was really good. Your playing keeps getting better.

I’m curious if you ever use a pick?

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@SgtColon Thanks Stefan. I can’t promise more than 1 vocal video per year, but I’ll try :slight_smile:

@jkahn cheers JK. Nah I don’t use a pick these days because I was really impatient when I was starting off with it. But I guess I should revisit it to try get a bit more oomph out of the strings.