Excited and nervous

Tomorrow I’m having a real live face to face lesson! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but have been too embarrassed to actually do it. Hopefully I won’t mess up every chord and strum pattern through nervousness. :grimacing:


I’m sure you’ll be fine Dennise and I bet you’ll really enjoy it. Don’t forget to report back.

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Thanks @SgtColon . I will.

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Turn it around.
The teacher is the one who should be nervous. You’re paying them and they need to give you your money’s worth. If they don’t engage properly or make you feel uncomfortable, look for someone else. Enjoy it! :smiley:


That is a really good point!

Wise words from Mr Larsen ! Hope it goes well Dennise, report back on the experience.
I am hoping when settle at home I’ll exploit my local luthier who’s been teaching for over 25 years.



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HI Dennise,

That is a great step in taking an in person lesson. The teacher is there to guide you to success and not to criticize. Take a deep breath and show him how lucky he is to have you as a student. I play music in public and open myself to criticism, and the secret is nobody has a negative word to say even if I mess up. You will see the same thing after your lesson. Stay positive. You will do well!



Have a great lesson. Teachers know that nerves have an impact on our playing so try not to worry about it, just breathe and play. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I survived. I didn’t have a song ready to start on and panicked when he asked me what song I wanted to learn and said Hotel California. :scream: :rofl: The hour went so quick.


Well that was a cracking one to pick Dennise. I look forward to you recording of it popping up in the AVOYP section. :smiley:

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Well done Dennise, :sunglasses:
And I echo Stefan’s words to you… :smile:

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Fantastic Dennise, glad for you that it went well!

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