Exploring the E Shape

E Chord Variations All Beginners Should Know

It’s time to look at the E Shape and how to make coo…

Coo Coo? coo what,…her i loan you a l ,…
and then you can finish the sentence :smile:

Pas de link! I want be coo too!

Curling the Low E string with the pinky? Looks like I’ve got some work to do!

To anyone who wants it, here’s the PDF containing the most important E shape variations.

E Shape Explorer

The PDF is still accessible on the resources tab of the old Chord Shape Explorer lessons that were part of the old Playground.

E, E7, Esus4, Eadd6 seem to work well over the E in “It’s only Rockin Roll” by the Rolling Stones. I’ve been having fun using these. I may post a AVOP soon.

Have Fun,