Extra finger...help or hindrance?

I laughed when I looked at the photo in the “learn more” section of the C chord lesson…there is a photo of Justin’s hand…it has 5 fingers. It is obviously not a real photo of his hand but it got me thinking…would an extra finger be a help or a hindrance?
Also, the photo is not of the ‘C chord’.

I’d be happy if my little finger was just a wee bit bigger.

Hound Dog Taylor had six fingers on his fretting hand.

His most famous quote: “When I die, they’ll say ‘He couldn’t play shit, but he sure made it sound good,’”

This caused me to look into Hound Dog a little more, and found this. It may or may not partially answer your question.

“Taylor was born with polydactylism, a condition that causes the formation of additional fingers or toes. Both his hands had six fingers. Although the sixth wasn’t functional, his fifth was extra-large, and some theorize that its additional bulk and strength may have helped him more aggressively pin the strings with his slide.”