F Chord’s best friends?

I’m finally getting the F chord to sound reasonably well and I wanted to start practicing chords changes with the F and his best friends. I figured the C,G and D would be a good place to start . Was wondering if I’m leaving a popular one out . Thanks

Hi Patrick, you could add a change from Am to F. Am-F-C-G is a common chord progression too.


Patrick, in addition to Am as suggested by @Helen0609 consider Em and Dm if you have learned that chord.

Not sure where you may be in understanding theory, so without getting too deep into that ocean…

Songs written in the key of C will typically use the chords C Dm Em F G Am. You will get good mileage from mastering changes between this set of chords.

Another way to shape practice is to target chord change work on the songs you are learning. I always find linking technique practice with song learning makes it easier to stay engaged on practice.


As already said, remove A and D major and replace with the minor versions.


Thanks everyone for the helpful input. I posted a thanks a few days ago but I must have screwed something up.