Fairytale of New York - The Pogues

I’ve started to learn this banger. So far I’m doing alright, the fast strumming section can be a bit tricky but I’m getting there.

I’m using these chords to learn it as I found it the easiest (although using the mini F), and cap 2 seems to suit my voice the best:

Just wondering if anyone else has tried to learn this and how did you find it?

For me, the original version is still the best version, however, Christy Moore does a great rendition and is the only other version I’ve heard that is actually half decent. Has anyone heard any other good covers of this?

Christy’s version:


Have you checked out this lesson


I have indeed, it’s very useful, especially for the instrumental and strumming parts, but I’m not keen on the chords he uses. I find it easier to use C G F Am

This is more to do with the fact that since I learned how to play G and C I have completely neglected A D E and so I’m pretty sloppy at using A - but all the more reason to use them I guess haha

I really like this cover arrangement … :+1: , Aiden … maybe next year for me, :thinking:
Thanks for sharing , :sunglasses:

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Don’t think Shane McGowan is very well at the moment. Absolute brilliant song along with dirty old town.
Hoping Shane makes a recovery.

I just saw the story that he’s out of hospital where he had a 6-month stay for encephalitis. He’ll be 66 on Christmas day. Sounds like he’s sober, which is good. Let’s hope his health improves. A long hospital stay can take a lot out of you when you get older.