Faith Guitar - setup

So, I’m thinking of having my Faith taken into Richmond for a setup, hopefully he’ll do as good a job on this as he did on my Epiphone AJ.

I feel theres something that can be done about the overall distance the strings are at the bridge/saddle. Before I do though I’ll get some guitar tools so I can measure properly at the correct points.

The height of the bridge is approx 5 to 6 mm to undside of E6 string on a saddle thats even deeper still. I dont have small enugh tools to measure string height though, so thats need doing first.


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Rachel having a tall saddle is a good thing. This guves you room to shave the saddle down if the action is high. Where you need to measure is at the 12 fret. Top of fret to underside of string.
Your guy at Richmond can set your Faith guitar up just like you epi.


Yes, I’ll have a better idea when I get a string guage in a few days.


Could be saddle height, could be neck relief.
both cases not a bad idea to have it checked and optimized as adjustments on one part often need tweaking on others like action, intonation, relief and alignment ot fretboard radius.

Without measuring tools, measuing inches/mm between top of fret and bottom of string on 12th gives you an immediate idea if it’s noticeably off, repeating that with a capo on 1st and measuring on 13th as well.

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About as close as I can get trying to hold everything.

12th Fret

E 2mm
A 2.0mm
D 1.75 to 2mm
G 1.75mm
B 1.25mm
E 1.5mm

13th Fret +capo 1

E 1.75mm
A 1.75mm
D 1.75mm
G 1.5mm
B 1.25mm
E 1.25 approx