Famous pentatonic solos

I know a lot of famous guitarists use the minor pentatonic scale, I recently found out the stairway to heaven solo was in A minor pentatonic scale. I have learnt this one, but beed to revisit it to build up speed, amazing how fast it is played on the song. I started learning the solos to comfortable numb as i managed to, sort of, get my old head around pinch harmonics. I have found a guy on YouTube who plays solos slowly, with the tabs on the screen. The comfortably numb solo is also broken down into parts as well. I have learnt most of it and suddenly realised it was in B minor pentatonic. Never play B, but knowing this helps me learn it.

Anyone know any more famous minor pentatonic solos?

A favourite of mine so far is ACDCs ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’.
Brilliantly crafted mix of the G minor and G Major pentatonic. A great ‘teacher’.

Cheers Shane

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A lot of blues. A real lot. B.B. King “The Thrill is Gone” probably the best known.

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A master of the pentatonic … Slash :sunglasses:

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