Fancy a new tune?

Hi folks! I wanted to share with you this cover I’ve just recorded.

Feedback is always appreciated as usual.

Here’s the video:


The tide is going to rise

and it’s going to sweep along everything

I feel the strenght, see?

I think I’m a bull.

Hurry up. It’s already here.

It’s storming, I throw myself into the sea

I abandon myself, I’m not going to be drowned.

And now above, I’m the hurricane.

I decided

to learn to pack my suitcase by myself,

to be able to live.

Today I cried

Probably I had a bit of sand into my eyes,

That’s not for me.

I come up with

a thousand ways to lose my mind.

It’s easier this way.

I understood,

and now I live in a sand castle;

my kingdom is for you

The tide is going to rise

Backing (drums and bass) by



Loved the vibe on this one José. Some great playing too.

Man, those were some killer waves.

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Yeah :surfing_man:

Hey Jose, great song. Did you do all the guitar playing or just the rhythm? I noticed a solo in there.

Just a couple of tips if you wanted more people to watch your videos. One is to put the title of the song in the title of the thread. The other is to record yourself playing. I’ve noticed videos where we can see someone play get a lot more attention than just audio, or where it’s a music video style thing.


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Thanks for your advice jkahn! I’m not particularly keen on filming myself but I’ll give it a hook!

All the guitar you hear in the track is played by me, both rhythm and solo. And the vocals as well.

Thanks again for dropping your comment!

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Hi Jose,
Great ,…and aI thought some parts sounded really …really great :sunglasses: :clap: and I would just say ,…do what JK suggested :smiley:,…and welcome to the club that doesn’t like to see themselves on video, :see_no_evil:.,…i think these people can be counted on one hand here especially with the people who are just starting to record,… :smile:

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Lovin’ this, hombre!
and thanks for translating the lyrics-
I get free Spanish lessons along with my music fix :smiley:
Ignore the calls for selfie videos. They’re fun to watch, but only really make sense if you are genuinely videoing while recording. When you work with a DAW (as I presume you are doing here).
Mr. Vanity here has done the Milli Vanilli miming thing a couple of times. I don’t think it’s worth the effort :wink: (and who doesn’t like big wave surfing?)

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Definitely disagree, … your Milli V act was/is definitely worth the extra effort,… :sunglasses:

Okay ,…not necessary ,…but very nice ,…perhaps do a single recording of a solo or something in between,I think you know about viseo editing (if not ,… forget it and keep doing what you like … of course, … and otherwise too :grin:)… no it is not necessary ,.but :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Roger! Nah, I will film mysek at some point xD

Thanks Brian! I may film myself in some song where the rhythm and lead guitar go in the same take.

As to Milli Vanilli, they spent a lot of time at the gym and didn’t get round to practising their singing, it wasn’t their fault :sweat_smile:

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