Fancy a riddle?

Hi everbody, inspired by the acronym-thread (in the ‘Community issues and questions’-section), I thought of creating a little riddle for you.

Last weekend, I went to a concert and fell in love with one of the two supporting bands. I haven’t known them before (and I’m pretty sure, the same was true for the rest of the audience :sweat_smile:), but they were absolutely fantastic :star_struck:. Within the first few seconds of their performance, they’ve ‘caught’ the whole audience. Their music was great, and the stage performance (particularly of the frontman) extraordinary. I’m listening only to their music, since :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

OK, after this long intro, here comes the riddle: the acronym of that band would be (or actually is :thinking:) FTatSS.
Any ideas, whom I’m talking about?

Happy guessing :smiley:.


Hi Nicole,
Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls… :crossed_fingers:


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Oh Rogier, that was really quick. I hoped, the riddle would have been a bit more difficult :sweat_smile:.

Did Google help you or do you actually know the band?

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Hi ,…about 10 sec…google :blush:
But thanks for the introduction, I already have some in my favorites and am now listening to a whole concert, :sunglasses:… interspersed with some Christmas music and talking by DavidP :joy:
Greetings, …


And I honestly thought of giving an additional hint, to make the riddle a bit easier😂.

OK, I definitely underestimated the value of search engines :sweat_smile:.

Well done, Rogier - you’re the official winner :clap::champagne::bouquet::smiley:!

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Thanks for the tip on a band I’d not heard of before. Frank sure has some great energy / presence and wow can he strum with attitude!

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Yes, the show was amazing. They nearly burnt the stage with their energy :fire::guitar::star_struck:.

Good one, Nicole. Never heard of the band, and would have suggested imposing a ‘no search engines allowed’ rule :laughing:

But based on your share I have found a show of FTatSS and have that playing now. I’m hearing some similarity with Arctic Monkeys. No doubt energy to burn.

What I liked best was they walked onto the stage to the accompaniment of The Hippopotamus Song, which I always enjoyed as a youngster on my parents Flanders and Swann records.

Many years ago I had a similar experience viz the support act crushed the headliners. The main act was Nazereth and I thought the supporting act, Wishbone Ash whom I’d never heard of, was way way better. Their album Argus is one of my favourites.

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Yes, your probably right. Next time, I’ll have to do this :sweat_smile:.

The main act in this case was Billy Talent - definitely no boring band - but to be honest, FTatSS’s performance was even more impressive :star_struck:.

I’m just wondering, whether somebody here actually knows this band. At least our british friends should have heard about them :thinking:.

Wishbone Ash was a fantastic band. The bass solo on ‘Handy’ is awesome.