FAO anyone who lives in / is familiar with Saint Pölten or Vienna

My grandson is there for several weeks teaching English. Does anyone have recommendations for must-see and must-do places to visit?
Tourist attractions.
Cultural sights.
Vegetarian cafes.
Music venues.
Places to hang.

Many thanks.

I don’t know if it’s a tourist spot but Musikverain is a great place to see. It’s the venue where the annual New year concert of the Viennese philharmonic orchestra happens and it’s a beautiful place to see.

I don’t know if it’s ticketed or not but once I was there with a friend and we just entered it and walked around the whole building while they were setting up the stage. Nobody stopped us nor said anything.

Gasometer is a semi big music venue (I think it’s at cca. 3000 capacity). Not sure about smaller venues.

From what I remember, they also have a lot of gothic and baroque churches and cathedrals all over the place. Sometimes with some great music going on. I also spent a lot of time just hanging out in front of Hauptbücherei (I think it’s the main library).

And this is where my knowledge of Vienna ends. It’s a great place just to walk around as much as possible because there’s always something great to stumble upon.

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I went for a long weekend a number of years ago, with the wife and friends. We went to the Stephansdom and Prater Park with the big wheel, although it wasn’t open at the time. Also managed to take in a classical concert at the Musikverein. Your grandson needs to try Sachertorte (if he likes cake) at the Sacher Hotel - Hotel Sacher Vienna | Luxury Historic Hotel in Vienna, Austria

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I was in Vienna in winter 2022 and place worth mentioning is Cafe central. A bit on an expensive side and queues are sick, but honestly those slices of cakes are to die for! And restaurant itself is an outstanding piece of architecture!


We went to music museum callef House of Music. Some fun musical experiments in there, and really educational about all famous classical performers which were popular in Vienna. Definitely worth going to!


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What to see anywhere?

This always works the best for me . Have fun :sunglasses:

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