FAO fans of Pink Floyd, musical analysis, philosophy, deep thinking, articulate intelligence & more

I have become entranced by Amy Shafer and her on-going reaction and analysis videos to Pink Floyd - The Wall.
She is an amazing and insightful listener, interpreter and communicator.
I simply encourage you to watch, admire and enjoy.

I cringe & recoil from those clickbait 1st reaction style videos from people with not much to say.

This isn’t that. This is on a whole other level. She does a reaction video and, uniquely I think, she does a follow up analysis video.


At first glance, the poster frame had me expecting her to say, “Oh, he hung up, that’s your residence, right? I wonder why he hung up?”

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Oh wow, she’s very meticulous, I couldn’t t agree more on that click bait that magically appear with millions of clicks.


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Isn’t she. :slight_smile:

This great Richard, thanks for the heads up. A new perspective and new things to learn!


Interesting clip Richard :smiley:
I’m probably easy to impress, but I enjoyed watching some of Doug’s PF reaction/analysis videos. Do you know them? He does a funny one smoking a bong and analysing Hocus Pocus by Focus

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Have you watched more than one video from Amy?
Of the 8 now in that playlist, there are 4 pairs. Each pair is a firstisten then analysis. The analsis is where the gold resides.
I have just watched Doug’s first listen and see why you connected and linked it. It is not the 1st listen and reaction that has prompted me to post. In the follow up videos Amy goes further, wider, deeper. She really does talk beyond the music, about life and meaning.


I’ve been following Amy since you first posted this and it has been immensely enjoyable. Not only is she giving me new appreciation for The Wall, but she’s helping me understand the music theory behind why I like it so much.

As a relative newcomer to music theory, most of what I have learned so far is the “what” of music theory. Amy does a great job of giving some insight into the “how” and “why”.

And if you like old Genesis, her recent reaction and breakdown of Firth of Fifth is amazing.

Thanks again for sharing this. Her work has been educational and entertaining.

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I have literally just finished watching the latest reaction to Empty Spaces. The analysis will be on my watch list once live.

I followed your advice and I too am totally entranced with Amy’s take on rock music it is so insightful. I am currently in hospital (nothing serious) and have watched quite a few videos- I think I’m a little addicted and really appreciate how Amy dissects songs in her second videos and the way she plays the harp is beautiful- not my kind of music but I can appreciate her immense talent. Thanks for the heads up - always learning. Only been playing 3 years at 65 through Justin and loving the journey. Wished I had started years ago and could play better- thanks again

I’ve been trying to learn Metallica’s Orion and I’ve been listening to it a lot on YouTube. Lo and behold, several “suggestions” were popping up and among them was a “reaction” video on that song by that guy.
So I watched it hoping he’d say something insightful.

I have to say he was a massive let down. No insights at all on the structure of the song, just some comments of the sort “oh that’s that chord/scale hm interesting". He spent ages whining about the fade-in fade-out and he totally missed Burton’s solo on the bass, absolutely zero comment on that. Such a waste of time!

So my 1st impression reaction about him, would be that he seems like a failure of a composer. Now, I don’t know him, nor am I interested in googling him. So my reaction is original based on that first and last video that I watched from him :joy:

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I’m sure you’re right :grinning:
I’m easily impressed by people who know more than me about anything (and that’s a lot of people! :laughing:)
Being able to recognise notes/chords/sequences is something I haven’t come across much, and I enjoyed listening to songs I liked with some additional description. I watched the two I mentioned above and maybe another Radiohead one.
Like you, I know nothing about the guy, and have not yet been bored enough to google either… :rofl:

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Haha I loved your reply.
You see, no one expects anything from me music-wise because my claim is “I’m a bad beginner player trying to learn how to play the guitar”.
On the other hand his claim is that he is a composer. That raises the bar considerably I’d say.

I have a colleague with whom I liftshare and he plays the guitar for ages, he’s into jazz, Django stuff etc so we often listen to jazz and blues and he picks up chords and progressions easily without knowing music theory per se. That’s impressive to me.
From a composer though, that’s the absolute minimum I’d expect.

I’ll try to watch all the videos in this thread though and maybe come back with another opinion :joy:

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Oh how I hate reaction videos.

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Hate is a strong word- unless you’re being forced to watch them for some reason.
The web is full of stuff I have no interest in, and some content indeed worthy of ‘hate’ :wink: