FAO: members of the 'old forum' ... URGENT

For any members of this ‘new’ community who were previously active in the ‘old’ forum this is an important and urgent notice.

Since we moved here just over one year ago, the old forum has remained accessible.

That availability is soon to end.

Perhaps even as soon as one week from now.

If you have any content that you have yet to retrieve and save but have been putting it off then wait no longer.

Act now or it will be forever out of reach, existing in a dusty digital archive only.



Thanks for the heads up Richard. All good here, think I pulled over most of what I wanted during beta testing or in the first couple of months. Twas only a matter of time. :cry:

The forum is (will be) dead long live the forum Community.



how would one access the old forum?

Link added above.

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Yeah, I reminded the team that we planned to redirect the old link to the new (read: “this”) community and that the time has come :smiley:

Since it pops up in google results, we don’t need it to create confusion or a mixed user experience.
Those who were active there and then kinda already knew this day would come and they were already asked to check what they would want to transport.

let me get back to you when we got a closing date but I presume it wil be in about 1 or 2 weeks max


Update: a date and time has been set:

You will have have access to the old forum until Thursday, March 2, midnight GMT

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Thx for the notice. I’ll have a look and move anything interresting…


Is it still possible to update the “We’re Moving House” message or is the environment read only for everyone. Unlikely that anyone goes back there now, that has not moved here already but you never know. And you still get folks dropping in as “Guests”.

Just a thought.


I don’t think I ever wrote anything interesting over there. A bit like here really. :smiley:

I’m wondering if this post might be worth somehow copying across in some way, as similar things have been discussed recently?



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Some good information in that thread, so yes I’d say worthy of a cut and paste. :sunglasses:

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Nearly four years worth of pearls, being flushed down the toilet… :roll_eyes: :rofl:
Perhaps in the future there will be ‘miner-chatbots’ that can trawl memory banks and resurrect old internet stuff, so when I’m feeling nostalgic, degenerating in my nursing home bed, I can ‘relive’ the excitement of a new era… :laughing:

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The Internet is forever…until it’s not…

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… which is why I save all the music that’s important to me on a disc of some sort :wink:

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Would it be possible to get access to sent PMs?

There are a couple things that I sent to members previously, that I wouldn’t mind copying, but all I can access is received PMs. If I click on sent, I just get an error message saying I can’t send messages…

I’ve just rescued my Road Case, starting May 2020. Made interesting reading!



Just had a look to see if there was another way around this using Action/Search but again only Inbound messages seem to be available now.

Suspect something has been disabled but maybe @LievenDV will shed more light. If you recall who you sent the message to and they are still around, they could do a reverse find in their Inbox, if that helps ? Just a thought.



I changed something to the user permissions, can you try again please?

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Sorted Lieven by the looks of things. :+1:

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That worked, and I managed to grab what I wanted.

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