FAQ and other topics on the About page don't work

Using the menu to access the FAQ or selecting About and then trying FAQ or Privacy results in a spinning wheel

I had the same experience here David

Where did you find these things exactly? Can you describe what you clicked?

@LievenDV the FAQ and About are in the drop down hamburger menu between your avatar
and the Search spy glass
FAQ is at the topo and About is at the bottom


About, and all the other items work for me, but FAQ does not.



I get tumbleweed on all 3

@LievenDV : Same here, on desktop, I get: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” for each of these

Just looking around the community pages, the FAQ and community guide lines do not seem to load I think there was an issue early on is it still to resolve.

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Thanks @MAT1953

The item is on the backlog for now

Thanks @LievenDV understood.
It was just that it is the sort of things that newcomers to the site and I include myself as one of them, would want to look at.

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