FAQ (NEW) is just "egg timing" (double post)

Just tried the new FAQ category and it just egg times or the Discourse equivalent. Left it spinning for 20 minutes before giving up. :sunglasses:

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Me too, irritating watching egg timer init?

Nah ! Soon as it started spinning I went off to cook tea for the missus. Came back and nowt had changed, gave it up as a bad job and raised the flag ! Think it would have hypnotised me if I’d stayed ! :sunglasses:

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FAQ thingie is yet to be checked but it has no prio.
Most of what you need to know is to be found on the board itself.

let me know if you need additions to Community How-To’s

@LievenDV no problem was just making the rounds and thought I’d flag it. All is cool.
Like your good self !! :wink:
You Rock Lievenish