Farewell 2023

Hi everyone,

It has been a unique year of ups and downs. You tube slapped me with a copyright infringement for doing a Don Henley song. I must be too awesome for the Eagles comfort. So I create a too too account and who knows if this will work. Pay attention to Jessica’s take on me singing country music. lol. Happy 2024.


Thanks everyone for the support this year. Gone country and welcome to my life.



Great job! I got the vibe of needing to be on a porch throwing back a few beverages playing guitar. And I think you need to save that video of Jessica to show her when she is older, and use the thread of showing it to her eventual kids.

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Listened to two songs Jeff, both sounded good to me, singing and playing.

Wish you well for 2024!

Well done, Jeff! :clap:

You’re progress shows and all the practice pays off playing-wise. Rhythm was solid, chords rang out clean most of the time. Singing was good, too. :+1: Of the two, I liked the Country-Song a little more. It somehow suits you well. :smiley:
Jessica’s take on you is just priceless, that one made me smile! :joy:

Regards the copyright slap by YouTube: Did you already get three of them or just one? In the latter case you can still use it and it will be deleted after 90 days. Also got one this year, too. Only 30 days left. In general, better stay away from Don Henley stuff, he’s quite serious about it… :roll_eyes:

Thanks for sharing those Jeff!

Wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2024! :four_leaf_clover:

Hey Jeff. All the best to you and yours for 2024.
I’m not having any luck with your TikTok videos. I keep getting other people. :smiley:

After dabbling in tik-tok, I finally got you tube to accept my videos.

Thanks for listening and wish you a happy 2024

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for listening. I was able to figure out that if you attend copyright school they let you back on you tube. That was only one strike so I guess I’m still able to use it again now. I had been working on Hotel California but won’t nbe posting now with that risk. I’m just barely getting over a bad case of the flu out here. That kept me down for the count for weeks. I feel like I’m starting over playing again. Thank you for listening and wish you a wonderful 2024.

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Hi there,

Thanks for listening. I had planned to record outside for the whole on the porch idea. I was all set up to go and the rain started pouring here yesterday. A London like day in Southern California lol. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts. Happy 2024.

Hi David,

Thanks for taking time to listen to the songs. That means a lot . Have a great New Years and thanks for the support this year.


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Hi Jeff, I’m very happy to see you’re progressing well on your journey. I don’t know these songs and I can comment only on single aspects of playing…Finger strumming sounded good, Rhythm was good and your vocals were pleasant to listen to. Good job :raised_hands:

Hi Silvia,

Thanks very much for listening. That type of strumming is my cheat when I don’t want to hook up a microphone. I’m glad it sounded decent. We are all a work in progress so thanks for the kind words. I hope all is well in Italiia.


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Your playing and singing has improved considerably brother!! Really smooth chord changes and not looking at your hands!! Very well done!

I am really happy you decided to stick it out!! Just needed a lil change, a lil boost and a lil more practice!! Well done @SDKissFan!

Rock on In 24’!

Hi Darren,

Thanks very much for listening. I’ve tried to slow it down lately and focus on fundamentals. Nobody wants to see someone looking at their hands the whole time. lol…Have a happy 2024.