Fascinating bass technique

Check out the bass / percussionist. This duo is the guy who runs the open mic at my local pub playing with his duo buddy Lance.

I was fascinated with Lance’s technique on playing bass and cajón at the same time. He has to crank up the bass a bit to cater for his left hand only playing.


That is really impressive, Tony :astonished:. Lance is doing a fantastic job. Playing two different instruments at the same time is so cool :star_struck:.
Some day, I’d like to play the harmonica as well and accompany myself while playing the guitar :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Yeah, that video didn’t do it justice, there were earlier songs that were even better suited to his technique.

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How does he do it even? It’s all hammer ons plus percussion? That’s absolutely stunning :smiley:

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And a nice bit of beatboxing too… So that’s bass, cajon and beatboxing… wow!

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That’s truly impressive, wow! And completely in the groove, rhythm steady going. This is simply great. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing.

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Years ago I listened to a bass player that only had on hand, his fretting hand. He was a spectacular player.

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Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Great duo all round.

There is a phenomenal youtube bass guitarist called Charles Berthoud. He often two-hand taps on bass, all hammer-ons/pull-offs. Amazing stuff.

Yeah, what I also found interesting is that Justin’s musicality was up to a higher level than when he does the solo act as the intro the the open mic night. Was discussing it with a friend and I commented that having done solo, duo and bands, it’s a LOT easier when you aren’t the solo performer. I suspect that is what gave him freedom to be a bit more expressive.

When you are solo, and singing, it’s all up to you, whereas when in a band, you have the chance to relax (albeit only a little bit) at various times through the set.

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That was very cool and impressive.

It is amazing what we can teach our brain to do.