Fat Cat Shoes - Original by LBro

Hi Eddie,
Thanks for stopping by, taking this one for a spin and the nice comments! This song came together a faster than most. I guess you could say it fell into place nicely.

Be well and take good care,

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Enjoyed the song LBro. The audio and video production was very good. Hope the thumb comes good soon. Kind regards

Hey Dom,
Thanks for the kind comments. Not sure what to make of “Supergrass” as I never heard of it or them. Who are they?

Take good care,

Hey LB finally got round to hitting play on this one.

Had to read the intro, as my head went into Soprano mode think you wrote “hung up BY” not ON :rofl: Certainly a nice little ditty and slick production, good to see @RomanS is still with us one way or another ! Thought the piano actually worked quite well instead of lead, so no need to put that part down ! But hey hope the thumb gets better. As for the lyrics, in a world gone mad, sometimes “silly” just goes down a treat !


Hi Sound Bound,
Yes, from 30,000 feet, that is what it takes for me to pull off a production such as you have seen and heard. There are many other details of course and a lot of work goes into these. I have not done an original for a while now. This one came on pretty quick and went quickly. Still, we are talking about possibly 50 hours of work, give or take. I am probably low on that number too.

Thanks again for the listen, comments and inquiry into producing and mixing. Feel free in the future to fire me a PM if you venture into this realm and I will try and help out.

All the best,

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Hey LBro! Where can I find some of those shoes? They might help me too! Always curious as to where a songwriters inspiration comes from. Care to share? - not the shoes, just the inspiration source.

Great job on the whole mix. The piano was an extra special “add on”. I liked it! The video FX was interesting too.

I’m glad you are having positive results from your thumb surgery. Great news!

Hi Lee,
I am glad this one was up your alley! Thanks on the production! On the thumb front it is looking very good. I still have the stiches in my guitar playing is pain free. What a blessing!

Be well,

Hi Toby,
Glad you got to the button push stage! Thanks for the kind words and comments mate! Yes, Roman is with us sort of. He has been listening to old project and reminiscing about them. I am not sure why why he is not in the production mood of late. I handed him the Ramblin Man project and that came out good. I was hoping that would jump start his juices and get him back into the fray so to speak. Nada so far.

I hope things are well on your end and that you folks are in good health too! My thumb was doing great until the last couple of days. It is now a bit puffy and the stiches are pulling and pinching. They seem to be aggravating things. I get them out tomorrow and will get some interaction as to what is going on.

Take good care,

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Nice one LBro, I found that a really enjoyable song. Nice piano playing too. I thought the production was really good.

I do hope you have a pair of treads that you like to step out in, that make you feel good.

Hi Pam,
Well, the only place to find a pair of shoes such as these is in the song girl! You just need to spin it up again anytime you need a shot in the arm so to speak.

Not 100% sure where the Fat Cat Shoes idea for the song theme came from. I will admit I thought of that old, huge hit that was called something like “These Boots Are Made for Walkin”. Remember that one? Frankly I was out of theme ideas for songs and this came to mind as a start. I will also say this song came on fairly sudden and went together fast. So maybe it was meant to be?

I had a little set back on the thumb surgery as I had the stiches out yesterday and the pain I was having was due to a small infection. We jumped on that right away with antibiotics and even today, about 18 hours later it is less red and feeling much better. So I hope it won’t be long in time, for it to be near 100% or better. There is no question the popping, clicks and internal grabbing in the the thumb seems a thing of the past. One could say, it is all good from here, or at least I hope so.

All the best and happy holidays!

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Hi Stefan,
Thanks on this one. I have to admit my piano play consisted of a sim and my programing it on the piano roll via midi in the DAW. Thankfully I have such tools, or I would have simply had to shelve this project until such time as I could play again.

Not a Nike or Addis guy here… So for “treads” I just go with something simple… I always look for comfort in shoes as my main buying criteria.

Be well and happy holidays!

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Wow nice production man!! :smiley: That was cool!

Hi Lbro,

Love that bass - really nice grungy sound to it - thick but without muddying up the mix at all.
Piano was a nice addition.
Guitar and vocal both sounded good to me. Strong chorus.
Nice to hear Roman is still doing stuff - too much talent to not use it.

Supergrass did some great songs - definitely worth checking out. Richard III is my fave.

Have a great Xmas. Catch you in 24. (Will Jack Bauer be making a comeback? :))


Hi Digger,
Thanks for stopping by and checking out this offering. Based upon your recommendation, I will spin up Supergrass soon.

Again, thanks for the nice words and good rundown on the production!

Be well on your end. 24 may see some ugly stuff go down, (wars). It would be nice if all had cooler heads and settled their differences soon.

Merry Christmas!

For some reason, I have not visited this section of the forum before :thinking:
And in vain, because there are great things here!
It’s a very interesting song, LB. All the parts sound great :+1:
Thank you for sharing, and Happy New Year!

Hi Leo,
Yeah, this section of the forum is a bit off the beaten path. So it is understandable you did not stumble upon it sooner mate. Thanks for the listen and nice comments. I almost missed your post as not much has happened on this one for a while.

Cheers for the new year!

Gosh Byron,
I am sorry as I think I missed replying to your post! Please forgive and thanks for spinning this one up!

As far as the production goes, this one took more than the 15 hour mark. I tell you that, so you have something to shoot for mate!

All the best and be well,