Fat Cat Shoes - Original by LBro

This is an original that came pretty easy to me. Well, some of it came easy and other aspects like playing lead guitar did not. When I did the guitar parts for this song I still had thumb issues and could not play a solo or the fills I wanted to do. Instead, I had to use piano for those parts! I think those piano parts came out ok, but the song would have been better with more 6 string action!

Fat Cat Shoes is about a dude hung up on his shoes and it seems they are pretty important in his life. Some of the lyrics in this are a bit silly, but that is what you get from a wana-be song writer.

I hope you enjoy this song and do let me know what you think, it is always good to hear what other have to say about a production.

Special thanks to Roman and DavidP for their help on the mix!

Lastly, for an update on my ailing thumb. I had surgery on it Thursday. Once inside, the doc said he saw the problem and did a fix. He further said he would be very surprised if I did not see a huge difference in being able to play now! I am looking forward to that!

All the best and be well,


LB. I really like this tune. Hope the thumb is healing up nicely for you.

A catchy tune LB. Wishing you a happy return to guitar playing.

Hey Think! Thanks on the tune! The thumb looks good so far. I got a peak today as I pulled off the old dressing and replaced it.


Thanks of the comments about the tune BW. I hope your doing well?

My return to guitar play should be great. I have had issues a long time. The thumb used to jam and catch, then painfully let go. That has all been eliminated and it should function very smoothly now!

All the best,

Always a pleasure to lend an independent ear on the mix, LBro.

Catchy tune and listening again, have to say again, how much I love the bass in that intro and your vocal work in the chorus.

Good time rock n roll.

Delighted to hear the surgery went well and the prognosis is so good!

+1 on thumb issues. Really annoying. I’m trialing some thumb picks as we speak.

Nice track sir. Interesting vocal layering/cascade. Well done!

This was a lot of fun, I especially like all the different layers you’d done to create the whole sound. How did you go about recording/producing that? Does it go into a DAW to combine all the different elements?

Though I appreciate you’d have preferred more guitar, the piano sounded great too. Hope your thumb heels quick.

Nice production, Brother :sunglasses:
I thought the piano worked well as a substitute and the lyrics suited the song well.
Good to hear the Roman is alive and kicking too :smiley:

I think I could benefit from some thumb surgery too :rofl:

Hi LBro
:sunglasses: :clap:
This was my first song today but luckily it was worth the wait, :sweat_smile: :smiley:

Hi David,
I would say you were in it for the bass, for sure! I like the chorus as well, what with the rounds and all. I just think the verses could use a bit more of a melody line. Rest assured I will be working on that in the near future.

Surgery is looking good. I am typing away with that hand and other than being carful not to catch a stich on something. I can do most of what I did before, but pain free. Really good news on that one.

Take good care,

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Hi LBro, awesome, inspired and cool. I hesitate to say more, but I agree with a lot that was said above. You are too modest with the keyboard part which gives it a funky offbeat vibe. The intro bass really got you into the beat at the beginning. The mix is great and the video is inspired. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks Clint!
In you case you take off the pick and are done with it. On my end it was not quite so easy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks on the vox. I had the idea to do the vocals something like they turned out, but did not put them in. Then DavidP said to try something like what you hear. At that point I put in the echoing rounds I call them, and it seemed to work pretty well I think. Glad you liked them and thanks for so doing.

Take care,

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The way I do it (there are many) on covers, is to make a ref song from the original and put it in the DAW. That is done by what I call time slicing the song to the grid. This is mainly done so drums can be added next in a new track. From there I may do Rhythm guitars or bass, again, on a separate track(s). Keys are added, often by midi sim. Other instruments are added (solo guitars, organs, horns, etc) as needed to separate tracks. Lastly, the vocals are laid in and the whole mess is mixed. The mixing is bounced around to others as my double hearing aids (bionic ears) make it tough sledding on mixing. So I borrow other ears and use the DAW meters a lot. The last steps are to render the audio out and place it in a video editing program, then create the video in it. Doing originals is similar to the above, but song creation happens all along the way.
There you have it.

Thanks for the kind words and be well!

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Mr. Larsen checks in. Good to see you mate. I will have you know you altered this song, just for you. I purposely sang the verses off the 1 beat as you chastised me for not doing so in the past. So consider yourself lucky in I met your request on this one. LOL

I’m glad you liked the piano. I tried 40 some odd takes on guitar and it was not happening. Such a low point, for sure. I then tried an organ, nada. The piano seemed the best. There is another piano in the background doing chords mainly.

Not sure about @RomanS . He is playing old project tunes and reminiscing about them. That is fine. But I like to see him ply his craft and be producing new stuff. He likely will in due time. He did say he wanted to start playing guitar again and that would be great!

You take care!

Nice production, catchy song and cool video LB. Loved the whole thing!

Brilliant. Tones of Supergrass about it. Well done

Thank you for taking time to reply - that’s helpful to get a sense of what the process looks like. It’s a distinctive sound you’ve layered up there.

You never know when a guy might get lucky! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Glad the spin was worth the time to listen and you liked it.

Be well,

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Hi Steve,
Glad that piano and the parts it does works for you on your end! I like it too, just that I think guitar there, if done right and well, would add more possibly. On that front I tried playing yesterday. The stitches are still in there and kind of strange up against the guitar neck. But gone is the pain and lockups I had prior. So far it is very encouraging.

All the best and thanks for the listen and nice comments!

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