Favorite Guitar Related YouTube Channels?

Maybe this is already a thread somewhere, but if so I couldn’t find it. Is there any interest in maintaining of thread of everyone’s favorite guitar related YouTube channels? There’s SO much out there it’s a bit overwhelming and I don’t mean to elevate any of Justin’s competitors, but things like That Pedal Show are a lot of fun when you need some guitar fix while you’re not practicing.

Moderators can just delete this post if it’s not appropriate, but I’d love to know what everyone enjoys watching out there.


Obj JG is my go to but…

Marty for general playing
RJ Ronquilo for bits and gear
Rick Beato for general music info
Ola Englund because we need to know if it will chug
Lets play all for some grunge stuff
Trufire for blues
Rhet Shull for well things
Paul Davids for a lot of cool stuff and playing tips


Well I’m a big fan of Music reactors, I really enjoy listening and watching them analyse the music. My favourites are (in no particular order:
The Charismatic voice - Elizabeth Zaroff who is an international opera singer.

Julia Nilon - who is a vocal coach and Principle at a well known Australian vocal training facility.

The Fairy Voice mother - Lolli Wren who is a vocal coach

All of them are 100% vocal nerds and a lot of fun to watch!


Following are channels I vist regularly to both complement/ supplement my central learning with Justin;

Dave Simmons - Tao of Twang
Brian Kelly - Zombie Guitar
Brian Sherrill - Active Melody
Adrian Woodward - ACPG
Ben Eller - BenEllerGuitars
Chris Sherland - The Curious Guitarist

Cheers, Shane

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Most of the guitar related people I watch are for song lessons. My go-to’s (besides Justin) are:

Marty Music- great for learning the basic bones of popular stuff.
Mike Pachelli- Best Beatles lessons out there, hands down. A must watch for any Beatles aficionado.
Carl Brown of Guitar Lessons 365- Great if you really want to learn everything about a song, all parts including solos.
Angela Petrilli- great long form lessons (usually an hour) and really makes stuff easy to understand for beginners.
Andy Guitar- teaches a lot of the songs that I don’t always see a lot of other popular instructors teach.


Philipp McKnight’s Know Your Gear channel and That Pedal Show with Dan and Mick! Oh and Nikola Gugoski if you want a super precise breakdown of a song - really helpful for Hendrix!

Been little around and decided to pick one only and with focus Classical music and then Justin for more rock, blues etc, which I feel give me the complete Guitar learning package.

Brandon Acker - Classical Guitar especially.

It is more easy for me to keep focus when having it like this.

Oh forgot this one: There was one Justin recommended when it comes to different picking styles.
Troy Grady - Picking styles and techniques

Youtubers are getting clobbered right now. The google-sphere is undergoing a money crunch and is cracking down on ad revenue and is de-monetizing a bunch of content. There is some real pain out there – across a number of Interests, hobbies and disciplines. Make sure that you continue to support Justin’s channel and anyone else that helps you with your musical journey. These are tough times, friends.


I follow several guitarists, some for comedy and/or pop culture entertainment. A couple are Bradley Hall and Steve Terreberry, trust me I know they’re not for everybody. And I’m watching a lot of Anderton’s lately for learning about gear and just listening to terminology.

Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox Sunday lunch
And Dave Simpson/Cici Bass because they are great players but are also in an actual band together which is where the rubber meets the road for me


I forgot about Glen Fricker from Sound Specture Studios. Bit of a loose dude but I like him. Knowledgeable, opinionated, and good for some light hearted banter about various music topics.

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Hi All,
Justin himself has mentioned some…five i think…names that i thought were good enough to recommend,because there are heaps of bad “teachers” on you-tube …i don’t see many (only 2 left from before Justin and very sometimes for a song that is not taught here ) as i don’t like most of them to listen to and how the teach the stuff, and was therefore very happy that I came across Justin quite quickly … of course there will be a number of teachers who, if you sign up for their course,(and way more than 5 ) also receive a nice program and that youtube random for them too not working so well…
But my problem with this thread is that it won’t be long before names of guitar teachers appear here who are really bad and do more bad than good, and since it’s not allowed here to speak bad about other teachers and stuff, this topic can causing problems and it just doesn’t feel ethical…between other topics there are great good look and listen tips from other youtube channels where it makes sense…
As a newcomer and you see this is really not going to help you and if you are a bit further when you see in no time 100+ names , and if newbies quickly find their favorite site or teacher because they learned a 1 good song from it and also start posting it…
I’ll keep it short now, my point is clear … good intentions hear this thread, but I hope you understand my dilemma…


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Tell more Clint - what’s the low down?

This sort of conversation has taken place many, many times through the history of the JustinGuitar (old) Forum (now) Community.

Everyone will have their own favourite personality or channel which pushes down a certain path.

I think it fair to say that in all my years of visiting Youtube, and reading all the conversations like this, I have never, not once, seen a recommendation to a channel that does what Justin does. And Justin does it for free.
Justin offers (on youtube and on the website) a fully structured, step-by-step guitar learning course that starts with the absolute basics - how to hold and tune a guitar, how to play the first chords etc. all the way up to teaching how to play advanced techniques including blues, funk, jazz and fingerstyle. The website of course has even more including for each and every video lesson a dedicated Community discussion topic to ask questions and seek support. Plus the wider Community. And of course he does offer some (excellent) premium content for purchase and / or subscription. It is all here. He even has over 700 detailed song lessons.

The issue with Youtube is that once you start to watch a channel the algorithm bots switch on and push more of the same at you. Algorithms are a right pain. If I go browsing for content I want to find it organically, not because some digitised overlord puts it in front of my face.

Do I watch other channels? Yes, of course.
Do I try to limit the rabbit-hole loss of time a lot of it represents? Yes, of course.
Do I think conversations such as this are ultimately doomed to become a long catalogue of dozens and dozens of channels that most people alreay know or won’t bother to visit? Yes, of course.
Do I think this sort of topic should be allowed in the Community and left to run to its natural close? Yes, of course.


That is one of the downsides to YouTube, so to overcome this I have two web browsers. I use Opera as my main browser and I am not signed into Google on this one so I’ll watch stuff on YouTube. The bots can then do what they wish. I then use Firefox, which I am signed into Google on and anything I find I may want to follow on YouTube I’ll subscribe to it on this browser.

I still get some stuff in Firefox that I have no idea why it comes up for me (I’m guessing they are just pushing content because and hopefully, they still are not sure what I’m after) but I find this really helps to cut down on the trash that I really have no interest in.


Watch one. Single. Wood. Turning video.

Just one.

I dare you.

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So many channels with so many guitars!!
I’m actually relatively limited on channels I regularly watch and they tend more towards the entertainment angle. No other instruction or teaching videos than Justin unless I’m looking for a specific song that either supplements Justin’s own video or in place of if it’s a song he hasn’t done.

Music Is Win and Samurai Guitarist are the main fun channels I gravitate to, mixed in with some Paul Davids. Andertons TV for GAS fuelling :wink:

Yeah man, just gotta like both of them! I don’t habitually watch Robert and Toyah but if I want a laugh I just know that I will!
I’ve followed CiCi for ages, and Dave since they paired up - the Trio deserves a lot more attention than they get!

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that was short? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Michael Palmisano, Darrell Braun, Rick Beato, BrejaToneWorks and StewMac

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